On the North Shore of Fawnskin

As usual, a lot has been going on around town. We had flash backs to the television show, “The Waltons” early this week at the North Shore Café. Everyone laughed as the “Good Night” sequence was repeated. Customers said “Good Bye” and as the effort circulated through the crowd–everyone started laughing. I am constantly amazed by how playful and silly it is around here.

In the meantime, I forgot to mention that Jim’s golf league ended. The “Fawnskin Anglers,” who were down 20 points, ended up winning the league by 1.5 points. Jim says that he was a sub and the other competitive teams will probably send a limo to pick him up next season. Jim claims he keeps his team down but we doubt it, as everyone knows he just likes to tell a good story.

BTW: The North Shore Trading is donating 10% of any of their boat sales to Hurricane Katrina efforts for a limited time.

Also, word has it that Robin at Bear Creek Nut & Coffee is doing dinners regularly from Thursday through Saturday. She has also returned to winter hours and looking for sponsors to help her get her down to help Hurricane Victims. Robin worked as a nurse previous to her new venture.

Travel Clubs
This next week the Mystery Travel Club will be heading out on their venture. I happen to know where they are going but can’t say. However, their destination is one of my favorite cities. The group pools money and rotates who chooses the destination and makes all the travel arrangements. Nobody else knows until they receive their plane tickets in the mail. They’ve been doing this for years.

Did you know we also have a women’s travel group in town that does the same thing? They have a separate bank account and deposit in monthly increments and then all go on a group holiday. Great ideas!

Joseph’s Table: Tabled Due to Red Tape
I am sorry to say that Sister Annette informed me that the Joseph’s Table project to feed the homeless has been delayed due to red tape and other hurdles. Give her a call if you want to help.

Monks Seek Roofer
Many of you know that the Buddhist Monks have been busy working on their new retreat center. The project has moved along quickly and now they are looking for a reliable roofer. I’d like to get them in contact with Scott of Thunder Storm Roofing but he isn’t listed. If you have any good referrals or Scott’s number, please give me a jingle.

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