Rain, Rain, Rain

During my early evening kayak adventures last night, I noticed big thunderheads and storm clouds moving in. I cut my trip short as I don’t think being out on the lake during thunder and lightening storms is wise. But I have to say the sky was stunning and the lake swells suddenly changed to slick glassy conditions. I love the slate blue and gray colors that permeate my surroundings just prior to a storm.

Anyway, this morning I moved wood and took a short jaunt to Bear Creek for some java…luckily this was in between torrential downpours. Now I am nestled in the village admist piles of books wondering just how long this storm will last.

My wood delivery guy didn’t know about the road closure and I don’t actually expect him now until tomorrow. But I did get a lot of the pine needles cleared up yesterday and stacked some of my wood. I have pine waiting for me across the mountain, too.

I forgot to let you know about Brindle’s pups. At least I think I forgot. I dropped by to see her on Friday and discovered that the pups doubled in size and two were beginning to open their eyes. Brindle is over being a mom, but she is a good one. Callah takes over when she leaves and Brindle has to assert herself. Seems that Callah would like to be a mom, too. I gotta tell her that being an Auntie is better–more fun and fewer headaches.

Buddy (the big red dog) has managed to get Brindle to let him help clean up the pups. It seems like the whole neighbor population of dogs is there waiting to help out. In the meantime, Brindle is over the excitement and probably in the middle of wondering if her wild times out with Buddy were worth it! 🙂

I am sure that I am forgetting to report something but that’s all for now.

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