The FAWNSKIN FLYER Volume 1 Issue 11 September 9, 2005

Volume 1 Issue 11
September 9, 2005
Not Necessarily News for Fawnskin, California
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Inside This Issue:
Gossip Girl’s (GG’s) Notes
September Events
Dog Town
Bad Behavior

GG’s Notes
Wow, it is really fall. Wonder how long this will last. I am pondering over whether to light my pilots on the heaters. My avid need to kayak might have to be adjusted, too. Did you notice all the changing leaves of the Aspens and Oaks?

Unfortunately the “Nightlife in Fawnskin” has been delayed. I’ve been swamped with projects and company and so decided to do a quick summary about some of our furry friends instead. Hope you enjoy it.

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Remember, we won’t be malicious–but we will be interesting. This rag isn’t meant to be taken seriously but just to be fun and useful to all.

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G.G. (Gossip Girl)

Public restrooms are located in the triangle area of town. Look for the deer statues and you’ll find the facilities in the building nearby.

Necessary Numbers:
All are (909) area code unless listed otherwise.
Fire Station 49 866-4878
Arson Line (800) 468-4408
Forestry Officer 866-3437 x2810
Fish & Game Tips (888) 334-2258
Solar Observatory 866-5791
Discovery Center 866-3437
Camp Whittle 866-3000
Serrano Campground 866-8550
Fishing Licenses 866-9464
Fawnskin Market (Bait & Adventure Passes) 866-9543
Moose Lodge 2085 866-3013
Post Office 866-3245

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Fawnskin Events
There is a whole lot going on here in Fawnskin. Visit the online issue for links to a more complete list with additional details/times.

September 11, 2005
Party at Steve & Joan’s Home

September 12, 2005
NSIA Community Potluck

September 16, 2005
Memorial Golf Tournament at Bear Mountain Golf Course

September 17, 2005
Moose Lodge Luau

September 25, 2005
Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament

Coming Soon:
Fawnskin After Dark, Meet Your Neighbor, What is up with the Fawn Lodge…and more!

Dog Town
Someone recently asked me if Fawnskin has gone to the dogs. This got me to thinking about my daily meandering and all the dogs I know. In fact, most residents know them, too. I figure I have more dog pals than human ones!

When I amble past Gene and Glenna’s house, it is too early in the am for me to remember the pup’s names, but they have to greet me when I pass. The black lab up the road isn’t so social, because he is too busy marking the area as his territory.

My pals Nikki and Bonnie don’t always bark. We’ve had a chat about how barking is bad for business and that they are not supposed to bark at the customers coming into Bear Creek or North Shore Trading. I love Australian shepherds and this duo is sometimes joined by Lucy–forming the troublesome trio.

Jim says he was sure Nikki thought his name was “Nikki-No-No” the first six months of his life. Too funny.

Sugar, a loveable pit bull, always puts a smile on my face. I suspect that she doesn’t see me in the distance, but she is always enthusiastic as she gets closer and receives a couple of smooches. I have to be careful however, since she gets upset if I don’t make sure I say goodby when we part.

Amo, is a big yellow lab who runs into me occasionally, along with Waylon, the gawky German shepherd mix who belongs to a local contractor. Waylon is a big goof who loves to play but who doesn’t have great social skills yet. I’ve been told he is still under a year old.

Up the road a bit are Jasmine, Ozzie and Cosmo. Cosmo is a papillon and has a new honey but I don’t know her name. These dogs like to run around when I pass and tend to kick up lots of dirt. Next door are Napoleon and Cleo. Cleo escaped not too long ago and I had to move her off the highway and back into her yard.

Blue is just up the road and likes to pretend he is protecting his home. However, when out, he says hello in the friendliest fashion.

The hillside dwelling rottweiler mixes only bark if they don’t realize it is me. Otherwise they like to watch everything going on from their deck.

Corky and Shawna are an interesting blond duo. Corky is personable and low to the ground while Shawna is the fashionable girl. She proudly sports a bandana and likes to escort me up Mohawk.

Cyrus and Luna are two black dogs that live around the corner from the blond duo. They don’t quite know what to think of me.

Near Chickasaw and off Mohawk live Calla, Buddy, Austin and Snickers. Calla wore a mohawk this summer and is the big yellow dog who is sweet as pie. She is one of the few who stick close to home.

Austin, the red and white Australian shepherd, doesn’t actually live in the neighborhood but spends all his social hours nearby or in that yard. I call that residence the “dog party house.” If you ever lose your dog, check there or at the fire station. Chances are your mutt will be there!

Buddy is the big red dog who circulates through town and who fell in love with Snickers (aka Brindle). Snicker’s homeless family abandoned her. She roamed around town wearing a red collar until she got too pregnant to fit in it. She and Buddy recently became parents and the ten pups that will be put up for adoption around November.

Ed, who I call the “dog man,” has taken over her care until the homeless family can take her back. You can see Ed driving around with all the dogs in his red BMW. All the dogs in town LOVE ED like I’ve never seen dogs love anyone before.

Sundance and Midnight live a couple of doors down and the dogs drop by their place for morning dog bones and social interludes.

Otis is the big St. Bernard that moved into town a few months ago. He is about two years old and very
happy…although he does tend to drag his mom around a bit. He is also a goober head. Yuck!

Sparky is the spark plug that lives just up the road. New to town are three new Dalmatians and a few Dachshunds.

Captain John’s dock dogs include the infamous Elvis, Sadie and Thor. There are more mutts around but I am outta room. Take time to greet the creatures of Dog Town when you are out. I know some people are annoyed at the meandering mutts…but Colleen can cover that topic another time.

Bad Behavior
Post Master Cynthia reports that she had to deal with a load of crap when she got back from vacation–literally. Someone let their large dog deposit a pile right in the middle of the post office floor! Okay, we enjoy the perks of a small post office and would like to keep it that way. If you are the owner you better clean up your act and be sure to clean up after your dog!

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