Thurman Wildfire Update & Tidbits

I’ll be out of town this weekend but wanted to leave you with a few notations:

First, you can get updates from the links to the right or click here for Forestry Fire updates.

BTW: Did you notice the new signs off of Hwy 38? “Now entering/exiting forest recreational fee area.” Must be our tax dollars at work.

I also had to crack up over the, “Big Boy Men’s Camp” signs. See that the CHP took away their traffic monitor. Wish they would have left it longer.

I notice that the public launch has begun to bring in the 5mph buoys. Does that meant that summer is really over now?

Finally, they are going to try and build on my hill again. The area has already been compromised and is sliding. Today I attempted to talk with two of the guys marking the area but got a smart ass comment from one…the other was smart but at least attempted some manners. Geez. I wonder if it is time for me to move…wonder who the company they belong to is, too.

Which leads me to ask about all the building, easement and building compliance issues. With the water situation, sewer, and road problems, just when is all this building supposed to stop or get more closely regulated? A neighbor had problems and they stopped him but these guys over here seem to get away with murder.

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    October 6th, 2005 20:51

    hi i have been missing lately – but just got caught up – I hope you are well