Warm & Windy in Fawnskin

This morning I decided to stay home instead of risking a jaunt admist all the visitors to the area. As I sat on my deck with my java, the wind picked up and it feels like a Santa Ana. Dry, hot, yuck. Usually, that type of condition makes it really cold here…and last night was nippy. I managed to go out without a sweatshirt, a rare event since I always expect the weather to change in a heart beat.

Last night I chatted with Don, the Moose Lodge administrator. I’ve noticed a big influx of younger people and he verified my observation. So, come on down if you have not joined. Lots of laughter and some great events. Don’t miss the bake sale fundraiser later today.

I managed to enjoy myself yesterday for a couple of hours during my afternoon break. I paddled over to Bear Creek Nut & Coffee and touched base with a friend. Nice to enjoy the solitude of the lake. I won’t be out there this weekend, but maybe I’ll go dancing with a few pals. I’ll be at Serenity Place for the artist reception. Drop by if you get a chance.

AND don’t forget about the quilt show, the arts and crafts show, and the rendezvous this weekend.

BTW: The Baptist Church is accepting donations for the Red Cross. People are going to need a variety of things. Check with the volunteers there but I would imaging socks, underwear, toothbrushes and other luxuries would be appreciated. You could drop by Kmart or the Dollar store for some items. I’ve updated my animal page if you are interested in the zoo and animal survivor news.

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