Blustery Day in Fawnskin

This morning’s coffee group ended with a cold walk back to my abode. Fortunately, it only began to sleet after I arrived under the cover of my deck. I am looking forward to winter and spent the morning “nesting.” (READ: Sorting all my papers left after my run to the recycle bin yesterday–and clearing out the leftover piles.)

Anyway, my bird is enjoying the roaring fire I started and that has been burning most of the day. I guess I will have to break down and light those pilot lights on the heaters soon. In the meantime, I did officially shut down the outdoor sprinkling system yesterday. If you are still watering you need to cut back to about once a week now.

The birds have been pooping up a storm around here. Not sure why. I’ve keep three of the four bird baths going and so they are playing in the water and pooping on the rails, in the baths, on the staircase and anywhere else. The feeder is still about 3/4 full (and has been for weeks), so I am not sure what they are depositing but they certainly have been leaving me lots of green piles. You know, I’ve never noticed it like this before and I’ve lived here for over three years now.

If you think this is an odd topic, well I hate to tell you that it isn’t for an animal person. This year marks my 30th anniversary in the animal field and animal excrement has been a big a theme of my life path. It tells you a whole lot about the animal and their activities–but I’ll leave that for another time. It might even tell you about–well, never mind!

Yesterday I really needed puppy therapy. Now that I have stopped, even with the heavy demands on my time, I am feeling raw over the recent losses in my life. Grief is an odd thing that comes in waves. Steve says he has a hard time at night but is keeping busy and so is doing okay. Anyway, I allowed all of the ten little piglets to jump, climb, tug, and scramble all over me. They seemed to have a preference for my shoelaces followed closely by a need to crawl under my butt to get to the tabs on the heels of my sneakers. I often would have one or two on my lap and two to three around each foot. Sheesh!

Being the good animal trainer, I gave them little sticks and other toy items to replace my shoes. The fancy term is that I “redirected their behavior to appropriate chew items…” but you probably don’t care. Did I mention I DBA’d my Ark Animals again? Actually, I did it earlier in the year but am only now accepting animal training clients. I took out a few ads and reconnected with my old pals running the feed stores, vet clinics, and grooming salons. So, if you have any delinquent pets or neighbors (meaning their pets) give me a call.

Today I get to meander over to take Soileil (another Fawnskin dog) on a walk. She lives by the puppies so I imagine I will go let them crawl all over me again. An hour with puppies running amuck is the best therapy I can think of. I am amazed at how involved Buddy (the big red dog) is in their lives. He takes care of them, coaches them, and tolerates their annoying behavior. Callah is a bit more cranky and threatens them with her snarls–but they still don’t see so well and she ends up prancing around and trying to escape their stampedes. I have a good time watching all the interactions. Snickers is really tired of being a mom so keep that in mind as the pups should be up for adoption in about three weeks.

Finally, I found a really good deal for calling cards and am placing the link up on this site. How does 1 cent a minute throughout the USA sound? Use them and support this site!

I am still working on the mayor voting links. They account will need to go back to my original one instead of standing on its own so if it doesn’t work for you, that is why!

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