Fawnskin Crime Wave

The Fawnskin arson team has been alerted to investigate the strange fire outside the Fawnskin Post Office. Witnesses alerted Postmaster Cynthia to smoke. When she ventured outside to investigate, she was directed (by an arriving postal customer) to the empty flower box adjacent to the building. A puff of smoke hovered over the dormant decorative container.

Being a veteran mountain resident, Postmaster Cynthia kicked it with her foot and the peat moss began to smolder. Before the flames got out of control, the visiting customer (an astute Fawnskin resident) ran over to Fire Station 49. The fire crew was dispatched immediately to the scene (across the steet–don’t cha know?) where they grabbed the Post Office hose and quenched the fire hazard. An axe was also used to prevent the flames from burning the painted exterior of the decor.

Postmaster Cynthia said that there is little speculation about the incident. She said, “It might have been spontaneous combustion–like in the bogs of Ireland, but most likely it was caused by some careless smoker who tossed their butt into the container.”

So, watch your butts and use the proper receptacles. Anyone with any information please alert our Postmaster!

Other Fawnskin residents have been the victims of a crime wave here in the Big Bear Valley.

Apparently someone made off with a whole case of Red Bull when Doris was in the bathroom. Any witnesses please step forward.

Rick reports that across town, his company was hit by theft twice. First, they stole the boat that transported them to the barge where their equipment is stationed and then most recently, someone stole one of the new four-by-four trucks parked on the job site. Anyone with information please contact the Sheriff’s station.

Finally, the big wreck off of Stanfield involved several Fawnskin residents. Sherman, a passenger (and who is affiliated with the new furniture business in town) was injured and has been taken to St. Mary’s. One of the operators was intoxicated and was taken into custody.

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