Fawnskin Frivolity at the Moose

If you were not at the Moose Lodge last night–you missed a bunch of silliness. It was Paul Burton’s birthday and choruses of HB2U kept breaking out with a big shout in between stanzas. Very silly.

The turnout was good and so were the tacos. I was pretty worn out but enjoyed the socializing. Joan and Steve just got back from a wild trip up to Pizmo. They will be going back for the Jazz Festival and reported that they were disappointed with the Clam Chowder Cookoff and the Avacado Festival.

Rumors started that the Moose is installing a spa behind the lodge. This is false. What happened was a few people were talking about the above ground pool sale at Walmart, which lead to discussions about how you can hook-up your RV for free, which lead to camping at Walmart and then establishing residence in the parking lots of Walmarts across the nations. Geez.

Anyway, eventually someone mentioned that it might be a good strategy to install one behind the Moose. Speculation as to whose toenails would be the grossest, who you would not want to get into the spa with and other such banter raised a lot of laughter.

Honestly, this town is too silly. We all must have too much time to “go there” in our minds…

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