Fawnskin Thunderstorm of the Year

I hope you all got a better night of sleep than I did! The rolling thunder and lightening had me up for most of the night. However, I am NOT complaining. I love weather changes and especially a good rain. At the moment I am in Big Bear Lake (again) and wishing that I was curled up by the fire reading.

The only thing I didn’t like about this storm is that I volunteered to take care of my neighbor’s dog. We managed to have a great hike in between downpours late yesterday afternoon. During our amble we stumbled onto the “Burton Trail” and the Burton family was out so we left the trail for a chat. Soleil got to chase the ball with the boys (Amo & Waylon) and we managed to land back in the cabin right as it began to pour.

However, this morning was brutal. I managed to grab a cup of joe and headed over to her cabin about an hour and a half before dawn. The torrential downpour did not motivate her to go out to relieve herself. So, she slept for about an hour and I did some writing. When the showers lightened up (briefly) we took a quick jaunt down the street and just managed to slip back in before another heavy outburst. Needless to say, I didn’t walk over there this am due to the rain AND the cougar in residence. Haven’t seen the cat but maybe we can get some prints after this rain.

The weather is supposed to continue until tomorrow. I am hankering to know if those nice dirt berms that CalTrans built flooded the highway to the West of town. Let me know!

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