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He all! I’m glad that some of you have missed me. I apologize if I worried you. I’ve been around but busy recuperating and trying to catch up on my projects—and rest! My server has been operating fine but when I attempted to post the most recent scuttlebutt, I found the blog feed was actually down for at least a day. So, I am including a bunch of tidbits in this post!

Moose Members
Monday I got to meet Derrick & Ann from England. They have the notoriety of being Moose Lodge 2085 members that visit from the greatest distance. Although they have a cabin across the lake, they make the 7,000 mile journey to grace our little town. Pretty distinctive—wouldn’t you say?

Fawnskin Totem
On the other side of town, Judy and Ronnie’s totem pole is about done. I met the artist today. Chris King is a wood sculptor from Boulder Bay. He says he wishes they were as tight knit as Fawnskin is. Anyway, the eagle’s wingspan is eight feet eight inches. The large avian tops a few bears who are standing above a raccoon peering out of the tree trunk at the bottom. It should be completed soon so take a drive by to get a gander.

Bad Behavior
I’ve got some bad behavior to report. I promised one local that I wouldn’t divulge too much. However a local businessman got the toilet bowl brush off (read “shi**y brush off”) from a business entity across the lake hosting a conference AND another entity on this side of the lake involved in it. The story is that they asked our local guy to provide specialty services and then didn’t show up NOR did they bother to call. Bad, bad behavior.

Along those lines, does anyone know the woman who attended the fire meeting at the PAC and misbehaved? Rumor has it that she claimed to represent Fawnskin. Naughty, naughty.

Speaking of bad behavior…neither Marty (Fawn Park) or Kathy (Fawn Lodge) have bothered to call me back. So, those updates will not be anything you should hold your breath over. However, I did get a solicitation from Marty asking for money. My understanding that it is his private park and I never see any locals in it. I am glad Marty and Shirley cleaned up the place and bought it to prevent building–but he could at least call me back…or maybe the deal is that I have to send a check first?

Jumping Ship
Kim, one of our residents is moving and has to sell her furniture and firewood. She is on Mohawk just above the alley. If you want to scope it out, just look for the Bonnie Blue sign.

This Weekend
The peak to peak race began to day and don’t forget that the Trout Fest is this weekend. Me? I’ll be joining some Fawnskin Folk at the Oktoberfest on Sunday. We should be there around Noon if you are inclined to raid the place. Maybe Fawnskin can take over for the afternoon!

North Shore Tavern
BTW: Rumor has it that a local business is checking into renting out the North Shore Tavern. Meanwhile, Dottie is still in the hospital.

Cougar Replaced By Coyotes
Did you notice that the coyotes are back in town? I’ve seen them moving back in but last night they were certainly near my home. Early this am they were close to town in the neighborhood area adjacent to where the cougar was sighted. So, that is a good sign and probably means that the cat has finally moved elsewhere in his habitat.

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