NSIA Potluck

The North Shore Improvement Association’s Potluck was lightly attended but the camaraderie and programs were excellent. Many residents know that we have just kicked off the race for Fawnskin mayor known locally as “the most honest election in the country.” This is because we don’t make any bones about buying our votes and the candidate with the most money wins.

NSIA boasts 143 members and the 2006 board includes Chris Weber, Betty Sunseri, Don Eades and Rick Fromm. If you are interested in being a board member, throw in your hat!

On October 29th from 11am-2pm is the Fire Awareness Fall Festival to be held at BBARWA (Big Bear Area Regional Water Agency). There will be free food, a DJ and many agencies in attendance. On that note, BBARWA just got a national award but Don wouldn’t reveal what it was as he was pushing people to attend the meeting tonight.

There has been a proposed ½ cent tax increase for the Big Bear Lake area. Reports are that 82% of the monies will come from visitors and 18% from visitors. Keep your eyes open for news on this issue.

Denise Proffer reported on the fire safe council activities and some of the important issues concerning wildfire safety and evacuation. Apparently it took 14 hours to evacuate the valley and the issues raised during that time are being worked on.

If you spot smoke you should call 911 and not any of the local agencies. This gets the system in gear quickly. Cell phone calls go to the CHP so call from a landline (home phone or business line) instead.

Here are the numbers mentioned:
Forestry: 909.383.5688
County: 909.355.8800
Arson Lines (suspicious activities): 909.383.5654 or 909.383.5651

Additional links of interest include:
Scan USA
Incident Web
Fire Information

Fawnskin Water Issues
The general manager from DWP reported on the water situation here. It was refreshing to get answers and explanations instead of rhetoric. Gerry has been on board locally for two years and explained his plans, challenges and goals for the valley. 33% of his budget goes to debt service and he reports that 10% of the users use 50% of the water. He commended Fawnskin for our stellar reduction in water usage.

He reported that the annual number for water meters is 160 throughout the valley (at $1117 a pop. He also said that he is a business person that is not pro growth but pro business. The monies from the meters are going back into improving the system so that the water will be available to take care of the community. He invites anyone to attend the DWP meetings the Fourth Tuesday of the month at 8am—and promised donuts to those early birds.

I am sure I am forgetting something but that is it for now!

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