Pooped Puppies & More!

I actually left the mountain over the weekend and remembered why I don’t like to leave! Although I enjoy the choices down-the-hill, I certainly don’t like the concrete jungle, lack of real earth, animals and clear view of the night sky. My angel came up to give me a break and we did have a good time–he even watched a chick-flick with me and about 60 other women and three guys.

Returning home was a happy event. I got to share coffee with the gang and then a meal with a neighbor and his pal. We finished the morning with a jaunt up for “puppy therapy.”

Once we arrived, I learned that the pups have been having “sleep overs” at neighbor’s homes! I thought this was a super idea and wish I would have known sooner as I would have volunteered. I stopped by again later in the day and was happy to find more visitors seriously thinking of adopting.

Animal control dropped by and we promised the pups would be placed. The pups have known me since they were born and I love how they romp over to me and say hello. They have been getting replacement “chew items” for my shoes, laces, hands and hair. Luckily, they are really amiable to the training. They are pretty good with their toileting habits, too. When they are done romping they often fall asleep under my legs, on my lap, and snuggled up behind me. This sometimes makes it hard to extract myself.

Anyway, my neighbor’s visitor decided to adopt one and the little tyke is on the way home (Sacramento area) on a plane as I type.

Today, I again took a break for puppy therapy. Three of the pups are gone and only one is not spoken for! Great news. They will start going to their homes over the next week or so and I will miss them. Snickers might but she is looking forward to peace and quiet as are the other dogs. Snickers is due to reunite with her original owner soon, too. I am sure Buddy will miss her.

Meanwhile, the air has a nice nip to it. Station 49 reports that their most recent excitement was putting out a fire over at Tim’s house on North Shore. The house is my favorite and I am glad it didn’t go up in flames.

I’ve not been out much so give me a jingle or drop me an email with any news.

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