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Forget the dog pile–puppy piles are much better! I dropped by for “puppy therapy” last night. As usual, the tykes ran to greet me and kept me busy with their antics and redirecting their sharp teeth into appropriate toys instead of my skin, appendages and clothing. Then suddenly, I was surrounded. One of the more endearing parts of my visits is that when they are a bit unsure or ready to crash (nap) they run over to me. They trust me to protect them and coach them and so I do.

In the puppy rulebook (page five, paragraph three) it says that pups must include their humans in play antics (which is why they get underfoot or crash into you) AND sleep on each other and their human–or at the very least they must sleep with some part of their body touching those near-and-dear to them.

So, there I was trapped by a pile of puppies. Puppies behind me, puppies on my lap, puppies on my feet, and puppies under me. Being the good auntie, I nestled in myself into the pile and listened to their happy little grunts, sighs and snoring!

Dog man Ed took advantage of the respite to head down to the Post Office and other errands and finally returned. I managed to extract myself without waking everyone and came home with a smile on my face.

It was a great way to end the day. I recommend puppy therapy if you are having a bad day, need a laugh or a lift. I will definately miss them as they go to their new homes next week.

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