Puppy Therapy

There isn’t much that beats the experience of being acosted by ten little puppies. Brindle’s (aka Snickers) pups are just over four weeks old. They are now marching around and can see pretty well. Some of them are full of it. I fell in love with one female. She is going to be very confident and is super smart. (No, I am NOT getting apuppy.)

Anyway, Brindle is pretty sick of being a mom but has her figure back. In fact, she is a bit thin because the little pups are more like piglets! They are huge milk-sucking-monsters. They are beginning to explore solid food more so there is respite on the way.

Buddy is a dead-beat dad, according to Grandpa Ed. Budddy was taking care of the little critters but doesn’t want to share HIS food with them. However, he is teaching the pups doggie etiquette. Dogs have a rank order that they must adhere to. Any violations and you get in trouble. Anyway, he has a big, spooky growl and is teaching the fearless fur balls some manners.

Callah, on the other hand, still laments that the pups are not hers. The critters will be up for adoption sometime around the first week of November. Keep that in mind! Three already have homes–so that leaves seven charmers who are lookin for love.

On the North Shore Tavern side of town…
Dottie should be out of the hospital in another week or so. AND Robin (Bear Creek Nut & Coffee) is supposed to open a business in the tavern by November 1st. It will be interesting to see what happens. The up side is that the place has a nice parking lot, liquor license, and larger facility. Not sure what is going to happen with the little coffee house. Stay tuned or let me know if you know something else!

Mud Hen Heaven
The mud hens have decided that the shores just East of the public launch are ideal play grounds. Yesterday about a hundred were paddling around chortling. Today, the numbers were down to about half of that, but it is an interesting change.

Did you know we have three Great Herons over here? Also, I had to laugh when a redtailed hawk landed in a tree and scattered large groups of song birds. He wasn’t hungry and I am sure he did it on purpose!

I am probaby forgetting something but hey, there is always tomorrow!

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