Quick Updates!

Hey all! I’ve been busy and so here are the quickie updates:

Grout Creek
The Lake Management people are here working at placing the new flow measurement equipment at Grout Creek. They are working under the bridge today. Be sure to wave!

Bear Creek
The latest is that Bear Creek will remain open and that the business opening in the NS Tavern will start up November 1 with selective days for lunch and dinners. Things have NOT been finalized and are still in discussion—so this might change.

Cortney (4) and Jillian (3) made me do the Chicken Dance at Oktoberfest yesterday and made me coach them on the other dances, too. It was a good time celebrating Dee’s birthday. The company was good but the food wasn’t. I also had a blast talking to some of the local vendors. Nice way to spend the afternoon, anyway.

Texas Hold’em
The tournament was so popular that it is now going to be a regular gig here every Sunday at 2pm. You must be a member of the Moose Lodge to participate but it is good fun. Go check it out and register with the bartender.
I am spending some time over in Bear Lake for the next couple of weeks. So, that is another reason the updates have lightened up a bit. Feel free to post your comments and don’t forget to start “buying” your favorite politician. For those of you not living here, I’ll be posting a donation “vote” button for your favorite candidate. The monies go to community projects or equipment and the candidate who raises the most money gets to be mayor.

PS don’t forget about the community potluck tonight at Miller Park!

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