Blowing smoke? Well kinda more like steam, but we are blowing snow!

Well, the weather finally got cold enough yesterday so that the Bear Mountain Resorts started blowing snow. It has been unseasonably warm. By this time last year we had skiers, snowboarders and snow players up here in droves. I have to laugh at those complaining about the cold…I came here for the seasons and small community lifestyle.

However, I am certainly thankful that I am not shoveling snow yet and having to navigate around those whose brains have shut off due to the high altitude oxygen deprivation.

Lack of oxygen to the brain seems to have strange effects. I constantly am amazed at how people flip u-turns on a blind curve OVER a double yellow line, or inconsiderately block traffic to make a left turn when a signal is just a few yards ahead (with another driveway entry that is safer and doesn’t inconvenience the rest of the vehicles on the road).

My favorite annoyance is the “Do Not Park” and “Do Not Enter…” violations.(Insert private property or eagle habitat.) I actually am happy when the CHP or Sheriff stops and begins to ticket. Droves of people rush down the hills to scuttle away. I believe they should have a stamp with the violation so they can team tag the violators. One officer can cruise along the cars while the other walks along and just slips them under the wipers. Good revenue for bad behavior.

During recent town discussions, many of us have lamented over the lack of manners compared to say, fifteen to twenty years ago. We have many lovely visitors who we actually see year after year, but the badly behaved visitors are not the only ones with poor manners.

Just this am, I had to deal with a demanding donation seeker who failed to check if I was immersed in something or if I had the time to chat. She actually was arogant and rude. I’ve already arranged a donation–otherwise I’d withdraw it due to the lack of manners.

Some business people I know complain about customers but I have to say that many local business don’t get my referrals or money due to their horrible attitudes and service. Customers are the reason businesses continue operating. Those business that complain are the ones that are usually not doing well–I know a bunch of business that thrive despite their location. Gee, does it have to do with customer service and good manners?

Hmmm, do you thing I overdosed on the caffeine this am?

On a lighter note, RD was the receipient of an AARP (or Medicare) party. Neighbors down the hill painted his curb blue, placed walkers on his lawn and other mischievious deeds in honor of his birthday. Sources say that they really had to work hard to remove the curb paint. The clean up took much longer in comparison to all the time spent on the other clever antics.

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