Fawnskin Celebrates Thanksgiving: I am thankful for…

This morning I’ll be working on my book prior to ambling down to my neighbors to celebrate Thanksgiving. Recently a reader of the Fawnskin Flyer emailed me to say that Thanksgiving is one of her favorite holidays because it is one where people are thankful for the many blessings they have in their lives.

Her statement reminded me of why I have started new traditions. My favorite holiday memories are those of great kindness and non-traditional celebrations.

I still remember a trip I took in the early 1980’s when I still attempted to see my family for the holidays. What I remember about it was not what happened—but the actions that a friend of mine took. She took hours to record a tape for me to listen to on the trip. It was a compilation from multiple Christmas LP’s (long playing records to those of you who are young and don’t recognize or remember these). Do you know, that I still think of her every holiday and have that darn tape stored away somewhere.

Then there were the “orphan parties.” These parties are gatherings of people who are too far away from family and friends and that have no where to go. One of the best one was held by two women who invited people of multiple faiths. Lovely.

I’ve had fun serving dinners with Rotary and joining my Fawnskin family at the Moose Lodge for holiday cheer and meals. Today, I am grateful for many things. The usual like health, a beautiful location and people who care about me and even the “sandpaper to the soul” experiences that help me to ultimately be a better person.

As I gaze out my window upon the early morning lake scene, I find that the challenges faced this year have ultimately been good. The year of loss has also been one of growth. Deepening friendships and new avenues of exploration accompany novel experiences and business ventures.

My niece (who just turned 9) is writing her first book and kept me on the phone for a good hour sharing her excitement about it—and I am glad that I am able to influence her life even though I am so far away. What are you grateful for?

Turkey Day
I’ll be joining my neighbors and fellow business owners for a meal today and taking some time away from the computer. Oprah’s magazine talked about how to keep your sanity and mental health if you are going to spend holidays with family. My adopted Fawnskin family is mostly comprised of kind and loving people who are not blood relations and I’ll be with some of them today. For those of you traveling, be safe and have a great day!

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