Fawnskin Fever

NS Cafe
Today I ventured out for the Sunday group meal at the North Shore Cafe. A bunch of locals always gathers there and I have not been in a while. My favorite breakfast is their Santa Fe eggs and so I got a half order. Yum! Anyway, it was a noisy gathering and I am amazed at how anyone can discern anything from the buzz over breakfast.

Me, I demanded lots of coffee as I’ve been pretty tired. The book is coming along and I am working on feedback on someone’s manuscript, too. At the moment I am taking a break and what am I doing? Writing, of course.

So, there I was when TWO Fawnskin Flyer groupees flagged me down. Shouts of “GG,GG!” rang through the restaurant. (Okay, okay, maybe not shouts but this IS a gossip rag.)

Don and Sharon have Fawnskin Fever and have been visiting regularly. They live in Montclair and are getting ready to buy a place in the valley. This weekend they brought up relative Linda, too. I love them since they are BIG fans of the Flyer AND have the best smiles and energy. It will be nice to have them be regular residents eventually.

Gem of a Gallery
In the meantime, I have managed to get out from behind these walls and away from the front of the computer. Last night I went to help celebrate the First Year Anniversary of Serenity Place. Yippee! If you have not visited this gallery you have missed the gem of the valley. Super people, super art and super fun. I love catching up with other artisans.

Fawnskin’s Frivolous Gals
The night before (Hey! I am on a roll.) found me at Rick N’ Dee’s house. Rick was down at the Moose so we got a few gals together for a movie…and er, forgot the movie. Instead we had a Fawnskin Food Fest (with wine) and engaged in life stories, silly stories, along with a few bouts of serious banter over books and other topics. You know, I even stayed out past my curfew!

Fawnskin Puppy Needs Loving Home
Today, I spied two of the puppies from my perch on my deck. They heard my voice and started running toward me–which was not a good thing since I was on the other side of the highway. Anyway, they have been having a sleep over while Ed was out of town. I hiked down to see them and got my dose of puppy therapy. “Tiger” the brindle pup still needs a home. She is smart and sweet so if you know of a good home please stop by Ed’s or give me a call.

The sad, sad news is the Snicker was taken to the animal control shelter. When she was dumped here in Fawnskin she was temporarily housed by Ed. Snicker’s human mom was homeless and was struggling to get back on her feet. Like most dogs in Fawnskin, Snickers ended up at Ed’s house and he could not ignore her.

What is worse is that the former owner will not take Snickers back (or can’t take her back–not sure which is the case) and so now little Snickers is in doggie jail due to human irresponsibility. She will probably be euthanized.

I hate irresponsible pet owners and it is a hot button so I’ll spare you the rant but let me just tell you that it breaks my heart and really pisses me off.

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