Fawnskin Flyer Update

I just got an email commenting on the last Fawnskin Flyer. So here it is with a few edits. I’ll leave it to Rick to put in his other comments if he chooses:

Your item in the November issue of the Fawnskin Flyer states: “On the local scene I have heard the NSIA (North Shore ImprovementAssociation) and Chamber of Commerce talk about decorating town. Maybe you guys should get together on this!” …is note quite accurate. Specifically, at the November NSIA Board of Directors meeting I floated the idea of contributing to the decorating of Fawnskin for the Holiday Season. I suggested that the NSIA should match, up to $500.00,any amount the Fawnskin Chamber of Commerce was willing to donate toward that cause…[Snip]…As I’m sure you are aware, the NSIA financial income & expense is available to anyone. In fact the latest year-to-date accounting will be distributed at the December potluck.

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