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Okay, I just heard that a settlement offer has been proposed for review by the Friends of Fawnskin. What I heard was that both the Moon Camp and Cluster Pines have offered to reduce the numbers of dwellings and provide a green belt on the lakeshore–just building on the forest side and leaving the road as is.

Locals are still concerned about traffic and sewer loads have been discussed in town but it will be interesting to see what plays out. Good news if this is true. No ruling yet from the judge.

I also heard that there will be a Friends of Fawnskin meeting next month but don’t have a date, location or time.

BTW: At the moment there are 22 properties for sale in Fawnskin ranging from 279,000 to just under 6 million. One of the reasons this area is so popular is because we remain adjacent to the forest and have lake views and access. The other is that we are still quaint and don’t have franchises and excessive out-of-control development.

Some of you know that I have been talking about getting a committee together to propose an extreme make-over for the fire station–and hopefully the whole town. I’ll re-emerge sometime after mid-January so don’t forget about it and grab me if you want to help out. I downloaded the details, it takes 6 months to make a determination and I’d love to propose they focus on the town for 2006 sweeps.

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