Fawnskin Visitors Complain, NSIA Potluck & Snickers

We didn’t see all of you at the NSIA potluck last night. Our local county supervisor dropped by and was asked a bunch of questions. (NSIA board members and other locals had a meeting today regarding some of the problems from last winter.)

Anyway, all of the questions submitted were addressed but not all the locals agreed that they got answered. Anyway, if you have suggestions for some of the snowplow problems, flooding or development concerns–YOU are invited to submit them via email, phone or mail. The links are in the archives but I’ll put one off to the side too. In the meantime you can email county supervisor Dennis Hansberger from here.

The one comment everyone would like to see become reality was the one where Dennis Hansberger said that he hoped newcomers and developers would be “…respectful of the views and lifestyles of neighbors…” and that new projects be “…compatable with the community…”

Anyway, if you attended and want to comment–please do. However, I am not going to get into everything he chatted about nor am I going to get into all the discussions that came up AFTER he left. If you ask me I’ll be happy to share or just ask some of our local citizens since everyone has an opinion around here!

Mayor Race
All the candidates for mayor spoke last night and each has a different slant on what they would like to see happen under their guidance–but each shared common concerns. Be sure to read the candidate page via the link to the right. As Rick says, “Vote early, vote often!”

Christmas Tree Lighting Update
The Christmas Tree decorating events will begin at 2:30pm so get your kids (old and young) down to the fire station for hot dogs and make some decorations for the tree. The actual lighting will take place at 5:30pm (per Mayor Lori) on December 3, 2005. All the mayor candidates will attend.

World Champion in Fawnskin
Did you know we have a World Champion Pickle Ball player? Sister Annette came back with TWO medals–but alas, she says she is retiring–BUT she is going to teach the sport locally. Groovy!

Lifetime Achievement Award
Art & Reba received recognition for their continued public service efforts for Fawnskin. The lifetime achievement award (aka lifetime membership in NSIA) was awarded last night.

Holiday Party NSIA Next Month!
Next month is the holiday party so bring a gift and don’t forget to attend! Todd said, that due to inflation, it must be six dollars.

Where is G.G.?
Although I have not been out and about much lately, I did get some news…and will have more for you shortly. I’ve been busy working on my next book and with some new clients. You probably won’t see much of me until January!

Snickers Update
The snoop sisters told me that Snickers is back at Ed’s house. I don’t yet have the dirt but I did see her last night!

Finally, I got an annonymous email from some visitors. What I have to say to them is–you could have posted your comments publically. Too bad you gave a false email because I can’t respond to you directly.

We are supportive of new businesses, residents and visitors and are a very tight little community. What does that mean? We know all our neighbors for blocks and get together at our homes, at local restaurants, the Moose Lodge, or at monthly potlucks and meetings.

It is unlikely that you know you neighbors and what they do. In this town we probabably know too much. (Yes, some even make it up!) We don’t usually call the cops because we talk directly to our fellow residents first. In fact, the local sheriff’s office JOKES about it. (They usually need directions.) One officer told me that they attribute this to the fact that, “Fawnskin takes care of its own.”

Granted, this year we have experienced some unique challenges and probably hold the record for the most visits ever! But then we are probably overdue.

Regarding the local business community. We have an active chamber and LOTS of businesses beyond the main street store fronts. AND FYI, the motorcycle shop is facing difficulties with the county and not the town. He was happy that his store made it into the flyer…which is a gossip rag and not a newspaper.

Finally, the reason you are so attracted to the area is that it is small and quiet. You won’t find franchises in our town. So thanks for sharing your opinion, but since you did it without a valid email address just know you wouldn’t fit in because of it.

We locals care about the town and keeping it pristine and friendly. We agree to disagree. We like each other, we argue, we make-up. The bottom line is that we might not always agree but we live in a manner that hasn’t existed in southern California for a long time…and we like it and so do a lot of others.

So my advice to you? Find your spot and find a way to be happy!

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