How Fawnskin Residents Can Stop Bad Behavior PLUS…

One of the hot issues around town is over suspected drug trafficking. I’ve been listening to the speculation for a couple of months and called the Sheriff’s Department to find out what we actually have to do to put a stop to the issue and get it investigated. So here it is, get out your pen and paper!

The important thing is to document suspicious behavior, to do this include:

  • Address
  • Vehicle License number
  • Visitation Time and Duration
  • Vehicle Description (color, make, distinguishing features or year if known)
  • Suspect(s) Description (distinguishing features, hair color, height, build, age, etc, )

    Call into: (800) 78 CRIME (800-782-7463)

Logs should be called in to the crime tip line and not locally. This documents the activity and starts the legal process that will be needed to prosecute.

On that note
Last night sparks spewed out of a town chimney creating concern in local citizens. Flames could be seen lighting up the interior of the dwelling and I ran over to make it was not a chimney fire while other residents called the fire department. The resident was not inside the residence and came around from the back. She was rude and out of line–and I told her to drop the attitude because people were concerned.

Bad behavior aside, should you suspect a fire you really should call 911 instead of the local department number due to the legalities and dispatch protocol. I believe the chimney of this dwelling is not up to code or needs cleaning so that we don’t have a fire erupt in town.

On a lighter note
The Fawnskin decorative award goes to the Emig home up on Mohawk. I miss the flamingo but they have done a stellar job decorating…so has the fire department. A few businesses have their lights up and on, too. Nice touch for the season—good job!

Lakota’s on the Lake
Despite the note stating that Lakota’s would be open by the end of the month (still viewable on Bear Creek Nut & Coffee’s special’s board) and verbal promises of opening for the last holiday weekend –they did not open. Carpeting was the delay and the word is they will open this next weekend–so lots of people are hopeful but don’t hold your breath.

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