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Greetings. I bet you thought I disappeared. Nope I didn’t, but my computer’s power supply did. At least I got an extension on my book deadline so the stress level isn’t as high as it could be. BUT I am offline for the moment and just dropping in from a remote location. The good news is that I “discovered” the computer repair shop on the boulevard just past Maple Lane. Funny, because they have been there a year. They didn’t have the part I needed but they will by mid-week. Super good news.

You probably already heard about the truck that went over the side of the highway near windy point. The area has a history of people going over the side. Unfortunately, many drivers do not heed the speed limits around here—nor are they aware of the ice that sometimes covers the road making it slick.

Anyway, the truck landed upside down and perpendicular to the shore. I found the keys (assume they were to the truck) down past Quail’s Cove and gave them to my favorite firemen from Station 49. The driver apparently got out by climbing out of the broken driver’s side window. Good thing that the water level was down or he would have been in real trouble.

New Guy in Town
To answer the question that was sent in—the new fireman in the NSIA potluck picture is Jeremy (standing next to Mike). I believe he is new here and I don’t know much about him yet–but go down to the station to introduce yourself and say hello.

Moose Happenings

The guys and gals were looking their finest at the latest enrollments at the Moose Lodge. If you are going to be around for Christmas, and are a Fawnskin resident, stop by the Moose Lodge for the holiday dinner. I will certainly be there! Thanks to everyone who volunteered for the Adopt-A-Highway cleanup.

Friends of Fawnskin
The FOF had a board meeting today. They are still pending on the judge’s decision so stay tuned.

Trashy People
I must admit I didn’t read the Grizzly article on the trash issue, yet. However, around here the hot topic has come up lots lately. The dumpster removal at the public launch hasn’t stopped people from dumping their garbage or from discarding furniture by dropping it off the embankment.

Locals know that the fishermen and other visitors are always leaving trash instead of hauling it out. Not too long ago some visitors just tossed two big trash bags off on the highway between Quail’s Cove and Grout Bay–which is just plain awful.

We are not sure what should be done to solve the issue but it remains something that needs to be addressed. Enforcement of traffic speeds and litter laws would be really nice.

Holiday Décor

Wow, it has been great to see all the outdoor trees near town. The twinkling lights really enhance the ambiance of the town. The old “Buck N’ Doe” building has a lovely tree and there is another across the street and also down the block at the Dooley’s building. Near my lot is the “Charlie Brown” version—a dead tree with bulbs and lights. Hmmm, wonder which neighbor had that tweaked sense of humor.

Big Bear’s Twelve Days of Christmas
I enjoyed a visit with one of my favorite valley folks and her family last night. Her daughter (eight) sang our local rendition of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” along with the choreographed movements. Pretty entertaining, to say the least. I don’t remember all the verses but the partridge has been replaced by a bald eagle in a pine tree, there are warm mittens, trout a swimming, snowguns and tourists admist other amusing verse. If you know any young kids—get them to sing it. Maybe Lindsay will post the lyrics for me.

Bald Eagles
Speaking of bald eagles, we’ve been seeing a few above Grout Bay. On my early morning walk I got to listen to a couple of eagles whistling to each other. It was a great morning and I am constantly amazed at the diversity here each and every day. No wonder people come up to visit…and we get to live here all year!

New Restaurant
Well, the gang made me go into the new restaurant last week. Personally, I prefer Bear Creek Nut & Coffee. However, the place is currently serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many of the locals are heading over there to try it. I’ve seen the breakfast and dinner menu but not lunch. Basically, standard early morning fare–and a great dinner that is all inclusive. Drop by or call to check it out.

The Big Whopper

Recently we had a chat about some of the embellishment that goes on around town. If you don’t know it, there are two stellar story tellers and one pathological liar out and about town. If nothing else, they are amusing.

During a conversation last week, one of the locals started asking questions, which I believe is great. I get tired of speculation and like when people actually want to dig deeper and get to the truth. Anyway, I was highly amused because those questions caused a bit of discomfort for the pretender…who got caught in a lie.

Despite that, all of the individuals tell great whoppers. If you are around long enough you can listen to the evolving stories that get more elaborate as time goes on. See if you can figure out the identity of these tale-tellers!

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