Fire Fire!

Well, I missed the action yesterday by being over in Bear Lake. It seems that one of the local part-time residents made a poor choice and left some ashes, he thought he dowsed, out behind his home before heading back home. Needless to say they started a fire that began to head up the ridge toward the forest. The good news is that our local enforcement agencies got on it quickly and stomped it out before it got out of control.

So, remember to can your ashes and dump them responsibly. Mine tend to sit in an airtight ash can for 3 to 7 days before I dump them.

Speaking of poor choices, many locals are disappointed by their recent experiences at the new restaurant in town. I’ve heard at least ten accounts in the past two days. Sad to hear it as many won’t be going back and are not recommending the location.

Bear Creek Nut & Coffee will be losing Annette. She has resigned and is moving on to a different career path. We will her well and will miss her.

When to fold and when to hold?
One of the big discussions I’ve had with friends and some of my minister pals concerns the law of non-interference. This is basically the “mind your own business” frame of operating through life. It concerns letting people learn their lessons–so that they get them and move forward.

I often ponder if there are exceptions. Recently, I was mortified when a friend shared a recent decision. I don’t believe that it is in her best interest. However, it is not really any of my business as she has to live her life the way she sees fit. It is not that I don’t care, but it is her walk and she definately is resistent to any input based on her reaction to a probing question posed by me. Most of you know that I don’t censor much…

Anyway, I’d be interested to hear what you think about this topic.

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