I hope you all had a great day. Town was slow again this am but picked up nicely. I ambled down to get my neighbor and her dog up and out in the warm morning air (33 degrees).

As usual, people were speeding along the highway–oblivious to the fact that there may be black ice on the road–which there was. So one nice SUV ended up spinning and toppling over onto its side. CHP was not too far behind and everyone in the vehicle seemed fine. Just a reminder that people should really be forced to adhere to safer speed limits in our town.

Bad Manners
Wow, do some of these visitors have bad manners. I remember a time when kids had to behave in public. Those times seem to be long gone only to be replaced with running and screaming maniacs. I cannot believe parents let their kids misbehave so badly in the local stores and restaurants. Now I really understand why I like to stay home!

Numerous Fawnskin residents have reported a midnight ruckus caused by Santa. The guy was boisterous as he yelled to his reindeer and encouraged them to get going about midnight Christmas Eve. Anyone want to fess up?

Holiday Dinner
The Moose Lodge 2085 was fabulous. Good food and good company. I arrived about 2:30pm and stayed for hours–laughing with neighbors and friends. I spent most of the day in my robe and only dressed to venture out for the social interlude. My other entertainment was watching “A Christmas Story” and laughing at the silly program–which remains one of my favorites.

Computer Bites the Dust
Bad news today, my main computer is dead. The electric company moved the power lines last week and it seems that even though my computer was off, the surge still destroyed my power supply and main mother board. I actually had a couple of belts of whiskey today after a long day followed by the bad news. I’ll deal with it tomorrow.

Fortunately most of my files are on disk but I have to have some data transferred onto disks and get this laptop up to speed. Unfortunately this means the print edition of the Fawnskin Flyer will be delayed.

All I can say is that it a good thing that my editors extended my deadlines–the bummer is that all my email addresses are history.

Okay, tomorrow I am going out into the woods for some R&R. Hope you are having great post holiday adventures.

I enjoyed the light drizzle last night. My bet is that we will get big weather in January. Someone told me the Farmers’ Almanac said the 3rd week of January. So we shall see!

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