Another Glorious Morning in Fawnskin, California

Many of you might have noticed the bright orange stumps along the highway. Speculation is that these stumps are being marked for removal OR that they are being flagged for the snow plows (if we ever get any more snow). If you know the real reason for the marks, drop me a line.

Snappy Shelter
If you meander down the highway between Windy Point and the Boat Ramp you will get a glimpse of someone’s idea of a shelter. Not sure for what…but it is interesting. Take a gander next time you drive down the road or are out for an amble.

Fawnskin Flag & Bumper Stickers
Two new projects have hit the planning boards this last week. The NSIA is interested in coming up with a flag for Fawnskin. In the meantime, jovial discussions at the Moose Lodge concerned new bumper stickers. Many of you have seen the “Big Bear is a suburb of Fawnskin” stickers. Todd & Kathy have decided to have a contest to see who can come up with the most clever spin. Email us here or contact them direct via email at [email protected]

Moose Lodge Valentine’s Dinner
The Moose Lodge will be offering a Valentine’s Prime Rib dinner on the 11th. Stay tuned for more details in the print edition.

Good Neighbors
One of the things I like about this town is how great everyone is to each other. Yes, we have our mishaps and disagreements BUT people like the opportunity to be good neighbors and show their kindness and generosity in many ways. Last week my neighbors showed their generosity and I just want to say thanks to Sue & Dave. Not too long ago Andi & Dennis were great to my neighbor John and when he called regarding a delay on his boat storage—they told him not to worry and that they were happy to have the opportunity to be good neighbors. So, thanks to all you good neighbors–you rock!

Delinquent Dogs & Precious Puppies
I got an email wondering about my delays in posting online. I’ve been busy training animals across the valley. Well, maybe I should say training the owners! Anyway, that has kept me busy and joyful since puppies are hard to be around and not smile. I start the youngsters at eight weeks of age and will soon be offering puppy classes in the spring–so keep your eyes open!

Those of you who know me also are aware that I am doing work for two local businesses, working on the book (the deadline is now in April), and updating my internet magazine’s online content…all this is my excuse for not posting as frequently of late.

Okay, okay, some of you also know that I have been spending time with a new gentleman friend and recently scoped out my new pal during his tour around town. All I can say is be nice to him!

New Dry Cleaning Option?
I met Jason of Pure Dry Cleaning ( a service business operating out of Running Springs. Their environmentally friendly dry cleaning business plant is based in Redlands and they currently service residents of Crestline up through Running Springs. He said he would ponder coming up this way if enough people were interested. They pick up and drop off at your home so check out his site and email him if you are interested.

Local Liquor License
Some of the guys were happy to report that the new restaurant in town now has their liquor license in effect. There have been some changes in the food service schedule so call to check for the latest.

Emily Post Look Out for Emily Ghost!
This morning we discussed spiritual etiquette and manners related to some paths involving intuitive sense or psychic sense. Protocol related to non-interference sparked hearty laughter when Andy suggested we should find a book written on the etiquette by Emily Ghost. Guess you had to be there to get the jest—but it was a clever banter.

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