Fawnskin Epicurean Exploration

This town cracks me up. Last night was pretty quiet. I meandered over to the Moose Lodge and had a fabulous dinner with two of Fawnskin’s finest. Then I went over to their home with another couple of residents–and realized it was time to start work on the “Fawnskin After Dark” winter issue.

Amazing as it was, I got to see the ultimate in “epicurean exploration.” I won’t give you the details but I have to say we all were laughing heartily over such antics. Ultimately, it was decided that leftover Christmas cookies do not go well with vinegar and oil meant for a good baguette. Not that you can get a good baguette around these parts…but that is for another commentary.

Which brings me to the current smart a** population around town. I really love the humor of Fawnskin residents. Thanks to those of you who have emailed me over the commentary on the last issue published on January 12, 2006.

BTW: Regarding the first amendment commentary…it seems that the clients of the local attorney have been all over town telling people that they were hiring the lawyer to write me a letter. Not a good decision on their part.

Anyway, the issue has everyone buzzing and wouldn’t you know it, I have had two people volunteer to be food critics for the Fawnskin Flyer! They had more fun suggesting that they should wear hats and lapel badges with “Food Critic” on them. Such sick humor, but hey, you gotta laugh about it.

However, this is not a new discussion. In fact back when the Flyer launched, someone really wanted to be a restaurant critic. Most locals know where not to eat. At least one local news source seems to rarely put anything sketchy out about any of the restaurants around town. Many of us check the county ratings online just to be sure. Remember the Blue Whale? I would not eat there ages before they got shut down because I knew what the reality was behind those kitchen doors…seems like I have too many pals in the restaurant business.

Speaking of old restaurateurs, I ran into Lloyd former owner of the Long Horn Café. He told me that Mike the Greek lost his daughter in an accident. I believe the services are tomorrow. Check channel six or call Calvary Chapel for details.

On that note, I have just lost another person. I don’t think I can take many more deaths of friends or family. My laptop died temporarily, too. However, I did manage to get it up and running and now have another back up computer. Geez, am I ever going to get to finish this book?

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