Fawnskin Market & Doggie Delights

To Market, To Market…
Recently there has been lots of scuttlebutt going around town concerning the Fawnskin Market. FYI: The market has not been sold and is not in escrow according to Doris.

Legal Eagle
I heard from the DC attorney. Just a heads up, the letter in response to the one sent by a local attorney will go out Monday and I will continue my commentaries as I have always done. I will however no longer patronize the businesses involved.

Mid Town Disturbance
For those of you who have expressed concern about the loud generator in town, it is behind the empty building adjacent to the Gold Pan. The device is hooked up to a camper shell that someone is apparently residing in. In the past, I have seen the vehicle parked on the property up on Brookside near a 5th wheel camper. Neighbors have expressed concerns regarding the safety issues surrounding other activities witnessed on the site. The property owner doesn’t actually reside stateside and if it is bugging you consider calling county code enforcement to check it out.

Doggie Delights
This morning I spent time with neighbor Doug and his new Great Dane, Erik. Many of you know that Doug tragically lost his last Dane to torsion twist. I worked with Erik this morning and then we all had a nice walk back to my chalet. Stop and say hello if you see them.

Also, the Cawsey’s have a delightful new puppy, a Papillion named Lulubell. I got to see her this am during my first walk after fighting off that nasty virus and laying low to make sure I did not have a relapse. Apparently some people have experienced two to three relapses!

Doris also reports that she has solved Bear’s escape habits. He is also proving to be a great little watch dog–that should literally nip any further burglery attempts in the bud…or butt!

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