Morning Calamity & Springtime Confusion–Isn’t It Winter?

During our early morning amble we heard a large crash emanating from the Boulder Bay area. We speculate this was a misfortunate semi hauling a trailer just from the sound. Now I hear that the route is closed, hence all the traffic barreling through Fawnskin.

Today is another warm day. Yesterday I actually turned on the air and was mortified to be overdressed in just my turtleneck and sweatshirt—so today I picked a long-sleeved t-shirt instead.

Neighbor Karin said she actually came in after a group of wasps decided to join her for lunch the other day. You may have noticed that the willows have a ton of buds and that the local avian clans have started to build nests. Kinda ominous if you ask me.

We are still hoping for record February and March precipitation. Everybody go out and do your best rain and snow dances nightly!

Legal Harassment
I received another letter from the local attorney. Even though I sent the letter drafted by the DC Attorney this is yet another one on the same issue. Let me just publically state that there was NO exaggeration or “literary license.” Quit harassing me with false allegations that are without merit.

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