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Greetings all! Town is finally quiet for a moment. Vendors and other residents are sad at the piles of trash in the parking lots, curbside–and in the turnouts adjacent to the forest. No wonder there is a mixed opinion over visitors!

I have not been out walking since I’ve been sick and fighting a relapse. Combined with the additional deaths of friends I am really fighting burrowing under the covers and hiding.

My schedule for 2006 animal programs is out. During my daily perusal of topics near and dear to my heart, I found this gem: Stray animals? Put owners on a leash! Many of you might not know that we have only had one animal control officer to cover the entire mountain for some time. There is supposed to be another staff member added now but with all the pet problems, only a fraction can be addressed because of staff limitations.

I met with various pet professionals over the past couple of days and we always end up discussing problems. There is a group of labrador puppies already showing aggression and the owners are NOT dealing with the problem pups. I would almost wager that they are the offspring of those breeders who drove up from Lucerne and sold pups out of their truck and in the parking lot of at least one of our shopping centers. God, that is so out of the dark ages in the era of designer pet supplies, animal services and national programs to spay and neuter animals–not to mention efforts to keep them in homes and out of shelters.

Word has it…
I just got wind of some exciting happenings planned later this year at Captain John’s. I can’t tell you much until the permits and final permissions are in–but stay tuned.

Last night some people asked me about the first amendment commentary. Because we live in a small town this has created a huge buzz cuz most neighbors talk things out with each other directly. Even a few officers joke about how Fawnskin takes care of its own. In this case, I appreciate your suggestions but legal counsel dictates that this has to be addressed head on. I’ll keep you updated.

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