The FAWNSKIN FLYER Volume II Issue 1

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Inside This Issue
Gossip Girl’s Notes
Meet the 2006 Fawnskin Mayor
Upcoming Activities
Bad Behavior: Ask Judge Alito?

GG’s Notes
Did you miss me? The end of the year was a bit tough on me due to the loss of an Aunt and another friend and the untimely demise of my computer and that is the reason for the delay in the print issue.

On that note we all are mourning the loss of beloved Big Bear resident, Tom Core.
For those who knew Tom, I can only say that if you measure success by how many people are sadly impacted by your death—then you have lived well.

Tom was well loved throughout the valley and instrumental in preserving and generating interest in the history of the Big Bear Valley. He will be sorely missed.

Finally, you won’t believe the bad behavior in this issue. When I said, “We won’t be malicious—but we will be interesting. This rag isn’t meant to be taken seriously but just to be fun and useful to all.” I didn’t realize that this little home generated rag would be addressing major constitutional issues related to defending freedom of speech and the First Amendment.

With this new development at least one other local news outlet will cover it and generate more interest.

Read on…
G.G. (Gossip Girl)

Fawnskin Events
Visit the Fawnskin Flyer online at to view event calendar of ongoing events. Here are a few to put into your calendar.

January 24, 2006
MS Walk Planning Committee
Every other Tuesday: Moose Lodge
Call for time 866-3013

April 22, 2006
MS Walk: Team 2085
Join the main event to raise funds for multiple Sclerosis. Sign up via the main page of the Fawnskin Flyer or at Moose Lodge 2085.

May 28, 2006
Party in the Park
Join the party at Fawnskin Park. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy music and entertainment in the heart of Fawnskin.

Meet 2006 Fawnskin Mayor: Emily Parker!
In a heartfelt speech thanking her fellow candidates and the community of Fawnskin, Emily Parker accepted her appointment as 2006 Mayor of Fawnskin.

The candidates collectively raised over $4150.00 for community projects.
Don’t know Emily? Here is a reprint of her candidate interview:

The lure of the “high life” landed Emily Parker and her husband Wayne on the hill in 1992. (Wayne was a former mountain resident from the “other side of the mountain.”) They headed for the hills from Lakewood, California and arrived here in Fawnskin by 1998.

Bring up the kids and Emily beams. She certainly has a large group–six children, fifteen grand babies and three great grandchildren. The baby at home? Misty, their cherished Maltese.

Emily is one of the hard working women of the Moose. You can find her there serving food, bartending in a pinch and all sorts of other activities. She is always serving somewhere and is quick to lend a hand.

Most people are not aware that she is one of the instrumental forces behind the extremely successful MS Walk.

For those of you that don’t know, the event raised $54,000 for the cause–and broke records as the most successful first time fund-raising effort for MS.

Next year’s efforts will begin in November and conclude in April with the MS Walk 2006. The cause is near and dear to Emily’s heart as she lost her sister to the disease.

Parker’s greatest interest involves assisting the underprivileged and she has a special focus on helping the Fire Department and the Community Hospital.

She has served the Women of the Moose since 1996 as an officer in several positions–including Senior Regent (head lady).

Emily’s other roles include serving in the Hospital Auxiliary (six years and counting) and she is a proud member of the Lion’s Club.

Upcoming Activities
The following were announced at the NSIA Potluck:

Bark in the Park
Shirley Jones (owner of Fawnskin Park) offered the park for use by local dog owners. One resident suggest Tuesdays and Thursdays for “dog park” activities. The rules are that you need to clean up after your pet. All attending dogs must be socialized and friendly to dogs and humans. Finally, dogs must be responsive to verbal commands and under good control.

Extreme Makeover: Fire Station
I mentioned that my efforts concerning the Fire Station and Extreme Make Over have been delayed until mid-February. I’ll make an announcement at the February potluck. For those of you not up to speed on this topic—it was not my idea.

The idea came from some other residents and the firemen are excited about it. We don’t have the funds to support the fire station and it seriously needs to be brought up to code. The fire men showed me all the problems and so I would like to get some people together to work on the project. It is not guaranteed as the county has to approve it and the project has to be selected by the producers, which generally is a six to nine month process. No guarantee—but definitely worth the effort. Go online for the rest of the commentary on this.

Bad Behavior
Perhaps we should ask Judge Samuel Alito what his opinion is concerning the First Amendment rights of American citizens. Will the Fawnskin Flyer have to go to battle over constitutional issues? Maybe.

There have been unsubstantiated claims that the Flyer “fosters ill will” toward the clients of a local attorney. The letter “admonishes” the Flyer to use extreme caution as we allegedly “walk a fine line between libel and the First Amendment.”

Am I mistaken in my belief that we live in the United States of America where there is freedom of speech and where freedom of the press and protection of sources is of the highest concern?

Those of you who share your concerns and thoughts with me know that I use discernment in what I actually put in the Flyer and what I edit out.

Readers know that the Flyer has fought false and harmful allegations against residents in town and reported negative factual accounts of bad behavior and also frankly discussed complaints of residents and visitors.

Has the Fawnskin Flyer become a hard news source in the league of the LA Times? Apparently so.

This one page little rag, printed locally and gleaning a whopping quarter per issue, must soon be in the running for a Pulitzer Prize or some other award since we have recently received a threatening letter from an attorney demanding we divulge our sources on a recent commentary.

I believe the Flyer has been fair and promoted Fawnskin, the events held here, and the businesses in it. We also include factual accounts as given to the Flyer. The only people unhappy with it, until now, have been those who end up in Bad Behavior.
Because we are in a small town most of those ending up in the Flyer call me or come directly to me with their concerns. Not so in the most recent situation.

My questions: Why shoot the messenger? Why don’t you spend your energy fixing the problem instead of wasting your money on an attorney and false allegations?

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