Winter Weather & Spring in Fawnskin

So, once again we’ve moved from winter back to spring! Unfortunately I was in town when the heinous weather began dumping snow. (Don’t get me wrong, I love winter weather—just not navigating around the tourists driving in it.) By the time I began to head home it was necessary to chain up. Yuck.

The advantage of being a writer and working from home is that I don’t have to usually navigate around in inclement weather. However, I have two businesses that I am working for this winter and so I get out and about more than I usually do. This happens to be good for me, since many of you have experienced my “motor mouth” after I’ve been locked in my cabin for long stints.

Anyway, after watching some amusing antics in town, I felt fairly confident heading home on North Shore—until I went into a slide. I hit ice at a slow speed and watched in horror as I slide toward the highway marker and hillside near Cluster Pines.

Nope, I was not going fast—just a light ended truck with the tires cranked full on toward the highway—and suddenly (and fortunately) my truck veered back onto the highway and I happily continued toward home. I almost didn’t make it up the hill to my house due to the snow and ice load but managed to keep chugging along until I arrived on our newly completed parking pad surface—completed just before the storm so I could be nestled in safely away from the PLOW.

Happy to be home, I was thankful to have a roaring fire and a bird’s eye-view when shortly after there was a wreak just around the curve below my home. Traffic was backed up all the way into town.

Speaking of wreaks, my binoculars help me scope out some of the vehicles traveling at excessive speed for the conditions—I’ve seen two upside down between Windy Point and Quail Cove now. I usually watch birds and wildlife but they are also good for discovering such calamities.

I’ve been hunkered down working on my book again. The laptop is a nice change from my old workhorse and I am still getting it up to speed. My computer guy had fairly good news—we will salvage parts but the motherboard really is history.

I have not been out and so don’t have tons of news. Don’t forget that the Moose Lodge is having a Rose Bowl celebration potluck. You can watch the game on their humungous new screen while you snack on tasty tidbits from the neighborhood.

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