Bossy Bassett and More!

One of my clients this week turned out to be a bossy bassett hound. If you have never owned one you have not lived…errr, maybe you should count your blessings. The bossy bassett decided that he did not want to cooperate and works his owners to do his bidding by throwing himself down onto the ground and onto his back, or by backing out of his collar while he holds a steadfast, resistant pose.

What did I do? Secured the collar and then crouched down and enticed him to cooperate. His owner’s couldn’t believe it. Most behavior problems come from the uncanny canine understanding (and manipulation) of human behavior.

Anyway, the bad news is that a former trainer gave this family poor advice and I am attempting to salvage the situation. Sad for me to see and even sadder since the dogs experienced less than positive training methods while the owners got incorrect advice and coaching.

In addition, my star student (a cattle dog) demanded that I hug her and teach her some new tricks. She climbs onto my lap and snuggles as close as she can get while also wrapping her neck around mine. She didn’t even want to chase the ball today!

Normally, I believe I am just the big stimulus (cue) for “ball playing time.” Instead, the bossy girl wanted to “go to school.”

I always ask my animal students if they want to “go to school” and refer to the training process as such. She has learned several new things this week and decided that learning is more fun than playing ball. Anyway, I’ve noticed that animals boss me around a whole lot…could that be payback?

BTW: Did you know the only thing that two trainers agree on? The answer: What the third trainer is doing wrong!

Today we noticed that the orange stumps were gone. Some appeared to be ground down into wood chips. So, there is your answer to the “stumped” blog.

Yesterday, most of my pals in Fawnskin got to meet my new friend. He braved the commute from the east end of the valley to come have breakfast with me and meet the gang at NS Cafe. It was a great time and a nice way to begin the day. I actually took the day off. If you have not met this guy yet–don’t fret–I suspect he will be spending more and more time on this end of the valley as time moves forward.

Finally, GG (which normally means “Gossip Girl”) changed to “Grumpy Girl.” I had to endure more scuttlebutt and was not in the mood to listen to lies. However, I quickly got over it as I am having a great time with life and got to hammering out new additions to my book. Nothing like a busy life to keep you out of the small stuff.

Speaking of busy…have you noticed all the birds? A few hummingbirds have returned and many other members of the avian clan have been busy with nesting and frolicking behaviors. I actually saw a bug fly by today, too. Did you guys forget to go out and do the dance for rain or snow? Get out there!

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