Eagle Eye

This am I awoke to – 4 degrees. I think that is a record! My little house was pretty toasty and I spent the morning catching up with a friend in San Diego. She complained about the cold morning—a whopping sixty degrees! Needless to say, it was to no avail–she quit complaining when I told her the local temperature.

The highlight of the morning was that I got to watch a Bald eagle during a hunt. The majestic bird kept swooping down attempting to snag breakfast. The menu consisted of a pair of waterfowl and the smart little critters dove underwater narrowly escaping the sharp talons over and over again.

I was surprised that the eagle kept repeating the attempts and was narrating about the activity on the lake when my pal asked me if I was rooting for the eagle or the waterfowl.

Hmmm, I never really have thought about it.

Eagle or coot? Eagle or duck? Predator or prey?

I guess I just look at it from the perspective of nature’s course of events. BUT I’ve always worked with predators or large animals. So, I have an affinity with predators and higher intellect animals. And I’ve had to kill critters to feed my charges so I just consider it part of the circle of life and don’t spend time pondering the issue.

I don’t always get to see the eagles but I love listening to the gentle stirring and chortling of the waterfowl early in the mornings. During my early morning amble I have many that I greet daily. They observe me with feigned interest and the new arrivals usually flee while my pals casually look over–and perhaps ponder my newest (and highly fashionable) ambling attire.

The graceful eagle needs to eat to live and failed hunt exertion is hard on the bird. On the other hand, I loved that the little birds knew better than to break into flight. They stayed close to each other and alternated diving–depending on who the eagle had targeted.

Today as the morning mist began to break and revealed the little critters engrossed in their am antics, I remained perched on my deck instead of ambling along the shoreline. I have no desire to risk a walk near all the visitor traffic or on the iced roadside and that is probably why I got to see nature’s drama unfold.

So, who would you root for? I know I was thrilled by the skilled flight of this raptor and the avian’s visual impact as he or she was highlighted by the sun reflecting off the eagle’s white feathers. However, I was also glad to see the strategy of the waterfowl and happy to know that they will again greet me in the morning.

Traffic Trauma
Many of you know that I am on the South Shore today. The early morning traffic did not indicate good news. I watched bumper-to-bumper traffic heading east toward town and didn’t look forward to heading out. However, I managed to again hit the flow right and didn’t experience a heavy delay—only a minor one on Stanfield Cutoff. However, I have been informed that the exiting traffic is currently a nightmare and that the CHP is going to need relief since his arm is probably fatigued due to the effort exerted in directing traffic over onto the North Shore so that the traffic jam doesn’t extend onto Big Bear Boulevard at the Starvation Flat signal.

Have a great day and enjoy the lovely sun and cold, crisp weather of winter!

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