Fawnskin Dam Update & More!

Dam Update
You probably already heard the bad news—that the fuel spill was worse than they thought and that the clean up delay will continue to divert traffic through the North Shore. This holiday weekend will not be something that I’ll be looking forward to since the traffic flow will make it a nightmare to get home. Unlike the South Shore, there is not a back route to get into Fawnskin!

You might not have heard that Trish was airlifted down to Loma Linda. Trish is the woman you see bicycling around town and who is always dressed in purple. She was not feeling too well and the rumor is that she had a heart attack. She was supposed to be released today–so send good thoughts and offer a hand if you can.

Captain John
Is Captain John coming home soon? Only he knows for sure. Supposedly he has been due back each Friday for the past three weeks or so. Don’t hold your breath though. I don’t think any of us would blame him for enjoying his tropical adventures in Hawaii.

GG aka DD
My night out with my new beau resulted in a new nickname. My coffee group has been teasing me over it. Did you know GG also stands for glamour girl? I doubt anyone around here has ever seen me dressed to the hilt complete with makeup and bling.

I saw a few jaws drop last night when we arrived for our romantic dinner at North Shore Café. This am I was informed that I am now known as “Diana the Diva,” or DD, as a direct result of my appearance–breaking my established image as a mountain woman. Thanks guys, I appreciate the compliments. Sorry, no pictures—they would ruin my image as the earthy GG.

Party Delay
Stay tuned for an update on the party to celebrate the sale of the Fawnskin Market. Doris is going to see if she can delay the party until after escrow closes. Plans are to hold it in a more suitable setting.

New Guy in Town
I was asked about the new gray haired guy who has been seen walking through town. Sources say he has some disconcerting habits. Today I got to have a short chat with him. I didn’t get the story because I am not sure he is completely grounded and didn’t want to push it. However, he is living in the old Fawnskin Realty building and has been around for about a week or so.

Mel’s house is up for sale! I don’t have the story yet but it was listed last week.

Snow Dance
Thanks to those of you practicing those snow dances. Please thank the weather gods for this change and dance more furiously so we get more precipitation. After all, it is winter.

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