Fawnskin Market in Escrow

Another hot day in Fawnskin. This springtime weather is much too warm and at this rate I will have to unpack the spring and summer clothing currently packed away. I keep hoping for a shift so that the crisp cool days encourage me to sit home nestled by the fire. Instead, I am fighting the urge to get out on the lake in a kayak. A variety of boats have been out on the lake. These fishermen are out enjoying the unseasonably warm weather and lake patrol has been touring to ensure that everything is going well.

On the home front, I’ve been living a more balanced life and finding that to be a challenge! Late nights and early mornings don’t exactly mix well. I’ve been waking up at 3am. It is a challenge so yesterday I took a jaunt over to Big Bear Organics for a specialty blend of tea to help me stay snuggled past the ungodly hour. It seems to have worked—but I’ll know more when I lose the current pattern for a new one.

Tonight a bunch of us are heading over to Serenity Place. Fawnskin residents Louis and Cindy own the place and my pal Gail, from Eastside Book Café, is sponsoring the reception. The new man is joining me—so if you have not checked him out yet—here is your chance to do so.

The other day I mentioned that the town will be celebrating on April 30th. I just got the word that I can announce why…Doris accepted an offer on the Fawnskin Market and it is in escrow. The preliminary discussions began in November but escrow officially opened on February 1st. There are big plans for changes and I can’t tell you much more except that the buyer is from down the hill and will be up to meet everyone at the end of April. The store will be closed for a couple of weeks for updating.

Escrow is scheduled to close at the end of April so drop by and spend some time with Doris. She seems to want to leave for warmer parts but will miss everyone. Since Doris is an institution around here it will seem strange to not have her around.

I’ll have the new print edition out at the beginning of the week. Make sure that you have made your reservations for Valentine’s Day. The different specials sound fabulous. Believe it or not I will be dining at the NS Café with a Valentine! Hope to see you there!

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