GG MIA? Boulder Bay Incident & Naughty Neighbors

I ran into a neighbor on the South Shore last week and he mentioned that a group of Fawnskin residents have been wondering and asking where I have been. Basically, I’ve been MIA on the North Shore. There are a few reasons for this.

My animal training business has been keeping me busy along with temporary work for other two valley businesses. I also sneak time in to work on my book, articles and other projects. To top it off, I have been spending time with a new man in an attempt to establish some sort of a social life. Sometimes I think I have forgotten how to do this.

For instance, last night I was completely knackered. However since we had made arrangements for a social evening I did not head home. I probably should have cancelled. Instead I ignored my intuition and attempted to redirect my energy through working with my favorite student, a little cattle dog named Cheyenne.

Cheyenne adores me and most always leaps joyfully into my arms when I arrive. Isn’t that a great reception? If people greeted each other like that we would have a happier world! Her owner tells me that when Cheyenne hears my truck she gets all excited and waits at the door in anticipation.

I used to go visit Cheyenne to play ball and enjoy myself between appointments and errands. Then one day I decided to put her into school. Go figure. Animal trainers are addicted to training and I am no exception. To say that this little creature loves school is an understatement.

Unfortunately she now declines to play fetch with me as she once did. She would rather learn. I play train and use behavior modification and conditioning techniques that are fun and challenging so most animals are excited to see me arrive. Cheyenne’s mom says that it is like watching Animal Planet™ when I am on the property play training her precious pooch. Both the canine and I enjoy the time and it is not often that I just goof around with trick behaviors and other fun stuff–so it is really fun for me.

Anyway, my attempts to get my energy up and shifted were only slightly successful. I was looking forward to the evening arrangements and was disappointed at a change in plans. Then by the end of the night I was so fatigued I couldn’t even focus on the simplest of topics.

I am sure the cessation of brain function was complicated by low blood sugar on top of the repercussions from the insane amount of adrenaline that dumped through my system from one of the most stressful days I have experienced in a long while. Boy could I have used a Jacuzzi!

When I arrived home I discovered several messages—including one from the colleague I spent the day with. She worked alongside me and recognized how heinous the day had been so she called to leave me an appreciative message. Nice to have confirmation that it was not my imagination. It was even nicer to get a message filled with appreciation. If I drank I would have taken a belt of whiskey right after work. Anyway, I have a very busy weekend scheduled and am looking forward to a day off sometime mid-week.

In the meantime, my naughty neighbor is at it again. What happened to consideration of your neighbors? They must have a new record going—a year and a half of nasty behavior. I guess I should be happy I am not fighting the blaring music or piles of debris and trespassing anymore. However, his new construction crew has been working on the premises and banging as late as 10:30pm at night—another violation of country ordinances.

Now the construction guys have been living in the empty shell of a house and have been dumping their trash and plaster on the property I am on. I finally got the outhouse moved off our parcel. I have not enjoyed my deck since construction started but smelling the outhouse while attempting to barbeque really topped everything—not to mention squashing the appetite. The one thing I can say is that they continue to be consistently inconsiderate and they are really good at it.

On the South Shore things have been entertaining. Many of my pals that I used to meet with have relocated to other haunts on this side. This am I ran into Jeff from the solar observatory. BTW, how do you like the new dome?

He filled me in on his latest activities and let me know that Alex (our German scientist pal) was up visiting. She is working in a small town out of state where there are only 50 people. Sheesh! Anyway, she came up for political banter and other mental stimulation not too long ago. I do miss seeing her.

Early this am there was a fuel tanker accident in the Boulder Bay area. It is the second incident in a couple of weeks. The dam area has been closed for a while but keep your ears out and check KBHR as they usually have the lastest news or check the scanner via the link to your right.

Don’t forget that the Moose Lodge is celebrating with a Valentine’s dinner tonight (by reservations only). I hope you are all celebrating your sweeties this week.

Okay, I have to work on some other projects now. Have a great weekend and I’ll be blogging again shortly.

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