NSIA Potluck & Lights Out for Fawnskin

Just a reminder that tonight is the community potluck at Miller Park. It is a great way to get the latest news and catch up with neighbors PLUS you get to sample some tasty treats made by all your neighbors.

BTW: I just read the Grizzly article on the lights that will be removed in Fawnskin CSA 53B. If you didn’t see the article they are:

North Shore Drive at Juniper Point
Hwy 38 at W. North Shore Drive
Hwy 38 at 39997 North Shore Drive
Hwy 38 W of Greyback
Hwy 38 W & E of Cherokee Drive
Hwy 38 W of Rim of the World Drive
Hwy 18 at Gray’s Landing
Hwy 38 at Pine Oak Lane
Rim of the World Drive at Mohawk Drive
Rim of the World between Sioux Drive & Arapahoe Road
Mohawk Drive at Hopi Lane
Commanche Drive E of Navajo Street
Lodge Road at Crags Drive
Flicker Road E of Chinook Lane
Stanfield Cutoff at North Shore Drive
North Shore Drive at Bear Loop

BVES also has one that they apparently don’t know where it is and another four not at intersections.

Pray that we get selected for the extreme makeover and get some solar operated lighting in town during a revamp!

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