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If you have missed me it has not been because I have not been around. My websites were moved to a new server at the beginning of the month and there have been some technical issues that have prevented me from posting intermittently. Apparently this has now been fixed.

Detour Still In Effect
In the meantime, there has been a bit of scuttlebutt around town. You might have noticed that the road through Boulder Bay has not yet been reopened and we have to endure a little longer. Some Fawnskin businesses have benefited but other than the restaurants I am not sure most of us enjoy the influx. I know that I am pretty tired of the noise.

Lights Out
The lights downtown are scheduled to be turned off this week. Some of us are NOT happy about it. One local did some investigation and was told that we could actually be annexed in to another special district and that this would take care of the deficit and only cost a nominal amount. I have not received confirmation of this yet and have talked to at least one journalist who may investigate. Check out the special districts website now.

On that note, we do have an advisory board here in town. However, advisory is just that and there is no power or influence. One participant has submitted his resignation but it has not been acknowledged yet. Once it is, there will be a seat open. Keep your eyes open for the announcement in the local paper.

Dog Gone It
There has been a rash of lost pets recently—and one in Fawnskin. One of the old school ideas still prominent in this area contributes to pet loss problems. Many people let their dogs roam without supervision. This is a bad idea for a variety of reasons.

First, this is against the county ordinance related to the management of pets. Also, it is a bad idea since there are numerous predators in the area AND the main highway also poses a big threat. Although I am always saddened by the loss of any pet, please be sure to keep them in and supervise them when they venture outside.

Extreme Makeover
I’ve been delayed on my project but want to gather the list of need from our fire station and anticipate getting into this project sometime this March.

Private Party
Chef Richard is offering specialty dinners for parties of 10 or more. If you have not sampled his wonderful fare get a bunch of people together for a real treat. You can reach him for reservations at (951) 285-2601.

Party Animals
I just got word that one of the local bands plans on performing at the Gold Pan on the last Saturday of every month. Pass the word and drop by to check it out. Rebecca told me they should be there this weekend.

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