Superbowl Sunday in Fawnskin

Another warm morning on the mountain top! This morning discussions ranged from politics and who will run for president next term to some of the unusual culinary curiosities that will coincide with the game today.

I’m over on the other side of the lake again wondering at the entertainment due to the oxygen deprivation being experienced by many of today’s visitors. *sigh* I must be tired!

Don’t forget about the Superbowl Party at the Moose Lodge today. You’ll love the big screen and be sure to take some snacks! I may pop over after I am done over here.

Questions regarding the Fawnskin Market have surfaced. At the moment, everything is speculation–as the escrow is not final. BUT I’ve been informed that the new owner plans to get a liquor license and will update and rearrange the refrigeration.

The buzz about the change has many residents excited. There have been discussions over whether or not the new place will cater to the local crowd with a deli and produce for last minute needs.

I certainly hope he plans to keep the general store feel along the lines of the lovely market in Angeles Oaks and other small towns across the country–but time will tell.

We made it to the artist’s reception last night but didn’t stay long. I happened to miss Gail (sponsor of the event) and enjoyed the impressionist flair of Mr. Zook while I caught up with a couple of other local artisans. Three of our home folk are going to be featured at the Discovery Center in conjunction with a national non-profit group. I’ll give you more details when I get them.

We headed out to have dinner fairly early. I don’t often dine out since I am a pretty good cook and find it futile to munch at many establishments. A couple of nights ago I had an absolutely FABulous meal at the Peppercorn Grill in the village.

Last night I thought I’d be adventurous and suggest a restaurant I have not eaten at before. Town center was swamped with visitors waiting in line for dinner and I had been told the place was pretty good. I am sad to report it but we should have gone to the Moose Lodge for some home cooking instead. The dinner was merely adequate and not worth the price tag (IMHO) and at least the Moose Lodge meals benefit the lodge and their charities.

However, I must say that I am now addicted to the sipping chocolate known as Chantico. All I can say is, “Oh, my, God…” What a fabulous drink. No, I don’t care that it has mega calories a serving. It is heaven on earth.

Locally you can also get a sipping chocolate across town at Eastside Book Café so you really have no excuse for not trying it. For those of us with dark chocolate and coffee addictions—there is nothing better!

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