Tired Tires

You know you need new tires when your mechanic suggests you get some before you do anything else…and so today I got a new set so I can safely navigate through this storm.

Some of you might remember that Cal’s Tires (up on Brownie in Big Bear Lake) was giving locals some great deals. What I was not aware of is that they changed ownership late last year. The group is now owned by Tony and called International Tire Shop. He beat my local price on four tires by $100 AND had the tires in stock. I just had to drive over and Brett tossed them on in about a half an hour. That is what I like, good service and fair price. He has faced some challenges with help– so if you know of anybody looking for work give him a call at 878-2185. Anyway, I really needed to get those puppies on before too much longer and now feel a bit more secure.

My neighbors June & Jerry were up and now they have left again. It is interesting that they leave just prior to storms–so perhaps we just need them to hit the road more to ensure that we get precipitation. They figure they should get on the building bandwagon here, too. Looks like another year of enduring construction evil around here.

On the other side, my naughty neighbor was toileting their dog on our parcel this am. At least the porta potty people did me a favor and moved the olfactory offensive box. They actually moved it off our parcel once and the naughty neighbor moved it back onto our parcel. Why didn’t they put it on theirs? Because they like to toss all their trash and sh** elsewhere. I am happy it is gone–and the neighbor? Well, they are further up on the sh** list. I don’t think they have ever lived in a small town before and don’t realize the consequences of pissing off the locals…can’t tell you who else they have been dinking with but let me just say they would make it in bad behavior again.

I hope you are surviving the traffic. Last night I had dinner with my honey to delay the commute in the big “rush hour” get off the mountain crowd. We met some residents from Baldwin Lake and also had a chat with Rita from the Black Forest Lodge. She said we needed the experience of the traffic…and BTW why the heck have I not stopped by lately? Story of my life, been busy but it is nice to be missed.

In the meantime, my other neighbors are heading up today ahead of the storm. I asked them about the sanity of the choice when they called last night and they said they miss being up here. It looks like rain and perhaps we won’t get too hammered and I imagine they will arrive in another hour or two.

Anyway, I hope you have a great week. I should be off the mountain for a day or so and am looking forward to the break!

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