VTV in Fawnskin

When people say there is not much to do in Fawnskin, we locals laugh. We are VERY creative when it comes to entertainment. Take this morning, for instance. Watching tourist traffic has been dubbed, “VTV” for vehicle television.

One of the locals parked himself in front of the windows to watch the tourist traffic go by in anticipation of more action. To augment our clever banter, we shared stories about the stupid things people are doing out on the roads.

I guess I missed the big pile up that occurred on the main drag through town. Other than my walk down to the market for some goods, I just hunkered down, built a fire and did chores. Boy, did I miss a lot of action…which is my preference.

Even so, from my perch I got to see the large lines of traffic delayed due to speed demons and chainless wonders. Two curves before to the marina at least four vehicles have gone over. Not only do they end up off the side of the road, this morning’s casualty actually crushed their cab against the power pole. You could see the underbelly of the vehicle. We had taken bets that this speed demon rushing through town and passing everyone else was going to be the fourth over the side–and we were right.

Many of you know that the state highway on the South Shore is closed due to the thoughtless (not to mention lawbreaking) actions of a tanker operator. I always wonder why those truckers keep coming up the highway when it is posted that it is not advised.

Anyway, the mess is worse than previously thought and cleanup has been complicated by the inclement weather and so the traffic is climbing into the valley through Fawnskin. (BTW, thanks for doing your snow dances, they seemed to have done the trick. Keep it up!)

Many of the locals were sharing stories. Gloria sent out an email marveling at the large tourist bus that stopped in the middle of the highway (on a blind curve) to chain up. The careless driver blocked hundreds of cars. Some bright individual hiked up to check it out and then informed everyone of the situation. As a result, hundreds of cars passed over the double yellow line to continue their journey—lucky nobody got hurt in the process. Someone should have noted the company, license number, highway marker and filed a citizen’s arrest for a ticket.

On the local level, a Fawnskin resident decided to take the back route through the upper area to bypass the traffic jam yesterday. Unfortunately, some visitor was stuck in the middle of the road because they did not have chains and both were stopped in the middle of the road because of it.

Andy reported one trip where he barely missed some guy’s legs sticking out from under the vehicle. He speculated that he was putting on chains but the visibility was bad and the guy was on the road and not pulled off to the side.
Some of the South Shore people told me that it was a big mess up around and through Running Springs with people everywhere. Some were stuck while others simply stopped to put on their chains—never mind about being on the middle of the road. All the safety rules seem to go out the window in response to the affects of high altitude oxygen deprivation and snow covering the road. Does this mean if you cannot see the double yellow line or the roadside that you can feign ignorance and get away with it?

At Big Bear Service Station we chatted about some of our favorite vehicle stories as we watched other antics of drivers and those smart enough to decide to amble around in slippery shoes or moon boots instead of proper footwear. I guess if I were truly an entrepreneur I would have installed chains yesterday for $40 a pop and sold shoe chains by the roadside…

Moose Lodge 2085
The Moose was quiet the past two nights. Friday the storm hit and a few of us enjoyed the cook your own steak fireside while we watched the storm increase in intensity. Last night I was not going out but Emily made her famous Chicken Fried Steak. Yum. Diners received a fancy deluxe ice scraper with a long handle and brush. It came in handy today!

I hope you enjoy this lovely snowfall. Check the forecast below for more details on this weather front.

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