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Greetings again. I am nestled in my cabin hammering on my book. It goes to my NY editor this Friday. Sheesh. Long hours but things are moving along and I like this “almost” final draft.

Some of you have asked me about the book consistently. It is hard to describe if you have not worked on one and even harder if you have not worked with a publisher. Unlike my last work, where I worked with my editor on an almost daily basis, this one has been a solo venture.

In January my editor explained that she wanted it to be written in short segments so I had to tear it apart and restructure it. In the meantime, I worked on all separate chapters in their own files without formatting or actually looking at how much was there. I just write.

Anyway, now I am inserting material in between segments and waiting on the permissions to reprint some unique work and photos from other sources. AND I am composing some new material.

So, when you ask me how things are going it is hard to explain since the publishing house has to also accept it! Finally, once they get the manuscript next week I anticipate some rewriting prior to final draft deadline. So, I am busy, busy and will keep you posted.

Books normally take 2-3 years to birth between signing the contract and actual publication date. Just so you know, I will be in rewrites and corrections after the manuscript is accepted, then I will be working on promotional materials, the book website and related tasks. It won’t stop until about a year after the book arrives in the warehouse for release next spring.

Okay, onward.

Secret Sale
Rumor has it that one of the businesses in town is in discussions for new ownership. I hope it is true. If you have any confirmation, let me know.

Moose Lodge
Get ready for the next horseshoe league. The sign up is at the Moose Lodge and ends May 9th. Games are scheduled for:
June 3, 10, 17, 24
July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
August 5, 12, 19

Be sure to drop by the Moose Lodge to take advantage of some of the MS Walk incentives. Great deals.

Inn at Fanwskin News
Nancy Walker (Inn at Fawnskin) will be performing at the Cowboy Poetry Weekend scheduled for July 20-22, 2006. Most of my buddies will be back and don’t miss this fabulous venue. BTW: Cowgirl poet, Yvonne Hollenbeck sent me her, “Nature’s Church” for reprint in my new book. A big thanks!

Nancy will also be holding the Concert of the Green benefit on August 6, 2006. Put ‘em in your calendar.

Highway 330 Closure
You probably already know it but remember that highway 330 is under repair for the slide and closed daily. It is open in the evening through early am. Check the CalTrans website or KBHR news for the latest.

Fawnskin Festival 2006
Finally, the correct time on the Mayor’s Spaghetti feed is from 4-8pm. Don’t miss Richard’s great sauce. A little bird told me that this year the Fawnskin Festival is going to be two days, so I stand corrected.

I hope to get you another print edition of the flyer for April!

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