Fawnskin Party May 6th

Greetings all! What nice weather we are having. I took a slow amble around town this am and enjoyed the quiet that always accompanies the snow fall. I’ve missed having a long winter but sure do enjoy the snow we are getting.

Here around my home the snow is up to my knees. I’ve given up shoveling the stairs until it stops. My snowblower seems to be on strike and quit working yesterday when I began to tackle the driveway. In the meantime, I will start another fire and nestle in for another day of writing.

The book is coming along nicely. I take breaks for snacks and to shovel snow. Seems to be a nice balance. The sparrows and chickadees were playing under my window and on the railings of my deck yesterday. Not sure why they were playing but they were having a grand old time. I heard a blue jay and a woodpecker this morning but now all is quiet.

Fawnskin Market Party Update
Doris has moved her celebration to May 6, 2006 and it will be held at Fire Station 49. It is a potluck and will last most of the day (six hours). I don’t have the time yet but mark it on your calendar. We agree that it is a better choice than the previous date since the escrow will have closed and Doris won’t have any demands on her other than having a good time.

Fawnskin Chamber
I heard there was an interesting chamber meeting last week. Many members have not heard that the meeting was changed back to the Gold Pan (including me) and the break down in communication has caused some frustration. I was informed that one committee is plugging for funds in order to publish a brochure and distribute it via the BB chamber program. Unfortunately, the committee head was not in attendance.

Personally I’d like to see an overall plan with phases and goals presented and cooperative efforts between the main groups here–we are a small town.

Anyway, during the meeting a question was posed by a member and a passionate discussion ensued. BTW anyone have Robert’s Rules of Order on hand? In case of any ambiguity or confusion, It is the bible to operating NP’s.

Fawnskin Fire Station 49
There will be some changes at Fire Station 49. Captain Mclaughlin will be leaving us for about 18 months as of April 1. Two full timers will hopefully be joined by another in the near future.

I have not forgotten about the Extreme Makeover, it has just been pushed back due to deadline changes. I did ask for a list of upgrades/problems so I can prepare a storyboard/list of shots for the video.

Okay, time to get back to work! Enjoy the snow.

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