Fawnskin Teen Club & GG: Grumpy Girl

Just a quick note to let you all know that the Fawnskin Teen club will be going snowboarding together this Friday. They will meet at the resort at 6pm and reservations must be in to Dave by Tuesday so he can arrange the tickets. Give him a jingle if your teen wants to participate. The number is 878-4030.

GG aka Grumpy Girl
Wow, my bad neighbor is really working hard at being a jerk. He pissed off my other neighbor who NEVER gets mad at anyone. You might have noticed the new porta potty back on the parcel I live on. You might remember that the other company removed theirs and the bad boy lied to second company. When they came out to move it–he told them that he had permission to put it there when he didn’t.

Anyway, my neighbor who owns the parcel got mad because I was asked to take action and handle the situation for him and I did. The bad neighbor lied (again) thinking he wouldn’t get caught. Since he is building up so much bad karma, he did caught in the lie. AND I just found out others ways he screwed my nice neighbor.

You would think he would want to be cooperative and considerate of his new neighbors when moving into a new town. Wouldn’t you? We get along with everyone else famously, just not the jerk.

I suspect he has nothing better to do than be inconsiderate and believe it or not, he intentionally does so per the revelations in the conversation he had with my nice neighbor.

Just up from us, my other neighbor (who isn’t up much) also complained about the inconsideration. The bad neighbor’s guys are again working beyond the legal construction hours AND his contractors and doing the “bring the bad dog” to the worksite thing again. Sheesh.

Chamber of Commerce
People have asked me, “What is going on with the chamber?” I don’t know. I did get a bill for membership today and believe that the meeting is tonight at the Discover Center. You should call Andy Campbell with questions.

Moose News?
I have not been down to the Moose for a while and I have not received my bulletin yet so I will have to get back to you on the latest happenings. I know that some of the members were participating in an “Oscar Party” down the hill. So, am I a bad GG for not having all the dirt?

BTW: Members Cindy & Billy are heading for Sedona this week to get hitched–so give them some congratulations if you see them at taco night this evening.

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