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Hi gang. Sorry if you were worried. I got questioned this am about where I’ve been again. Lots of reasons for my absence. I thought I blogged about it before, but the bottom line is that I have several irons in the fire, a budding romance, and a book deadline around the corner.

For those of you who have never been around an author finishing a book—-they disappear for the last four weeks. I’ve got less than six weeks to go and will be hammering away at the keyboard until then. My normally tidy house will be filled with stacks of paper, notes, books and my dishes will pile high in the sink.

This time I am a bit more balanced on this project but anticipate the need for a break once it is completely done. By the way, my book was released in Germany this week. It is the first foreign translation. You can see the publisher’s website hereor drop by the press release here.

In the meantime, I just got back from a romantic excursion down in the desert. I needed the break and am happy that my animal training schedule has lightened up for the moment.

We delayed the trip due to the torrential downpour. I am really glad we finally got some weather but already anticipated that March would be wet—-some things never change. Anyway, we stayed at the Hacienda Hot Springsand made sure to drop by Water Canyon Coffee Company for their fabulous java and food. “Get your brew on route 62” next time you drive that way. I got a glimpse of two former Big Bear residents getting a shot of java but didn’t get to chat. We also stopped at Capri for their fabulous food. If you really want good Italian or perfectly aged beef…stop there next time you are there.

So what do you think about that rockslide on 330? Our road through town and along the North Shore sure has taken a beating and the incessant traffic has been tough. Now most of the crowds are coming in on Highway 38 and one local told me it took her an hour to get home today due to the traffic. Yuck!

Pirates Invade Fawnskin
A while back I mentioned something was underway and would take place at Captain John’s later this year. Well, apparently the jumping through hoops worked and on June 3-4, 2006 there will be a Pirate Faire at the Fawn Harbor. The BBV Renaissance Society is sphere-heading the event so stay tuned for details mate!

Dam Closure Forum
I heard that Cal Trans is conducting a public comment forum on March 30th at the MWD to discuss the dam closure. Plan on taking your comments to them. Getting out of Fawnskin will be a nightmare unless some traffic flow regulation is done.

You and I both know that with the last two storms we have two places that people skid off the road due to irresponsible driving and excessive speed. This creates a pretty bad snarl.

Some sort of traffic control should be discussed to moderate the flow so that it is manageable and safer than what it is now. Wish we could have speed bumps through town. I’d like to have a tag team of CHPers and citizens with radar guns and ticket books—that would be one good way to raise funds and get those dangerous drivers to slow down.

Boulder Bay Route
In the meantime, the road closure through Boulder Bay continues and rumors are that it may be open by the middle of the week, but don’t hold your breath. We will be lucky if it gets done by the end of the week and with the new weather system due to hit tomorrow, I doubt it.

Highway 330
Okay, the bad news is that securing the rockslide area that has closed highway 330 is anticipated to be underway until April 1, 2006. Geez.

The Upside of Road Closures
So, many of us don’t like the traffic flow in our front yards but many businesses across the valley are benefiting from the road closure detours. Some are hurting but the over looked places are doing gangbuster business and hopefully the visitor traffic will remember them on return visits.

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