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Just a quick update to say that the rumor I mentioned is true–for the most part. Discussions regarding one of the businesses in town are still ongoing. However, no fictitious or business sale annoucements have appeared. I was informed this am that it is a local couple who plans to take over operations. No word on if this is a sale or transfer. Who knows? Anyway, sounds like they will make the place into a cozy stop and I’ll be looking forward to it. I have names and additional info, so if you see me feel free to ask..but as far as I can tell this is still tentative.

Manuscript Update
Thanks to those of you who have been asking about my book. Anyway, the review draft is on the desk of my New York editor. Me, I’ve been comatose with red, bloodshot eyes from hours of endless reworking and editing. Once my editor reviews the manuscript I have two weeks to redirect per her direction–and then it is down to the desert for some R&R in the spa pools.

Pets & Expo
I was scheduled to attend a pet industry event this weekend but was too tired to drive and work the venue. Instead, I visited my star student and she did a stellar job. The one thing that I can say about positive training methods is that the animals love it and are really, really happy to see me. This critter actually leaps into my arms and can’t wait to learn something new. Does my heart good.

On the other hand, my heart breaks over the stories about a couple of local trainers who use harsh techniques. I ran into one yesterday, she has no real training (and was my student over ten years ago). Anyway, she advertises as a trainer and appeared earlier this year during the Farmer’s Market. One person came up to me to complain about her public display. This “trainer” had an animal in a prong collar and shock collar. If you know how to read animal behavior (which I teach all my students) you can tell what is going on with the pet…and the animal there was not happy. Unfortunately, regulation is difficult as that methodology has been around a long, long time and is considered standard practice.

On that note, animals actually cringe or run and hide from two trainers I know of up here. One of my newer dog training clients, a lovely sensitive dog, was really apprehensive when I first came into the home. This was due to the horrible practices she endured it; it broke my heart to hear what actually transpired.

Anyway, these household pets now LOVE school with positive reinforcement. It took three sessions for the sensitive dog to begin to solicit attention from me. Previously she didn’t know if she could trust me based on her past negative experiences with someone else.

FYI: There is no real regulation for the animal training industry, other than some guidelines for the exotic animal field under the permitting process. I invite you to make it to my workshop on training techniques and the history and differences between them on June 17th. Stay tuned for details and keep your ear to KBHR for details.

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