Spring Storms

I hope you enjoyed the three feet of snow we just got last week…not to mention this week’s lovely snow shower. I got about six inches on my deck in this last strom and enjoy the light fluffy snow. Most of the enjoyment comes from the fact that it melts quickly!

Some people are complaining and I just need to remind you that we have experienced little to no snow fall this season. Also, our economy was beginning to suffer from that lack of snow since many of the businesses are dependent on tourist dollars brought in my snow play, snowboarding and skiing. Those business owners were feeling the crunch which was affecting some of the other businesses patronized by those locals. AND we are still in need of water and the lake, trees and forest life really will benefit.

Spring is really around the corner so just enjoy this weather and quit complaining!

In the meantime, we all went green on Friday. A bunch of neighbors and I (yes, with my man) arrived at the Moose Lodge just in time to get the last servings of their GREAT corned beef and cabbage. Pat and Wayne you did a fabulous job as usual.

I don’t have much to add since I have been working on my book for hours and hours. One of my editor pals agreed to a first perusal and I hope to incorporate her suggestions along with some further additions on my part this week–and then send it to my NY editor. The final draft is due on April 15th…tried to talk them out of it but for some reason they like that date. My last publisher requested the same deadline and then moved it when they were too stressed out over taxes…so we shall see.

Anyway, I am pretty happy with my process so far. I guess I will have somewhere between 80-120 more hours to invest in it. However, I stuck it into final format and am not too far off from my target page count and the little tiny details of front and back matter…but that is something only writers will appreciate!

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