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So, one of my pals had me look at this website. “Sheesh” is my comment. First of all, services are not usually taxed. The ski resorts are owned by the US Forest Service and are free for people to use. What you pay for is the lift service and related services the resorts provide.

Resort tax? Recreation tax? I am not sure about the nuances of those issues. I do pay for parking when I play at the beach but not in the desert. Hmmm. Can anyone enlighten me?

Highway work is handled by CalTrans and paid for via the gasoline tax–right? County roads, well you have to b***h via the county supervisor’s office to get some action or get through the layers to find the right department and person. Good luck. I am still waiting on my paperwork for the truck damage the county did two winters ago. After a multitude of phone calls I am still no closer to an answer.

Maybe we should just close the borders–at least we can tie into the immigration issues and get some press (and maybe leverage from it). We can also keep out those tourist terrorists…or do we really want them here?

Perhaps we can just put in meters so everyone has to pay to enter the valley. Hey! How about a toll road so we can get money for our lovely valley that way…

Share your ideas and suggest some type of action. Whining doesn’t solve much but creative efforts usually spark some good.

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