Okay, I printed out the last draft for one more perusal and then this book is off to the publisher next week! Hopefully I’ll catch up on some rest before tackling all those projects put on the shelf during this deadline.

Did you see the nasty wreck (near ex-mayor Lori’s) on the bend that always floods? The small car apparently passed over the yellow line and the head-on collision looked pretty bad. The truck hit in the TC received damaged to the left front end and tire—the other vehicle‘s front end was trashed. They should take snaps and post them for the tourist terrorists to see, might help with the crazy driving.

Word has it that the letter and ad placed in the Grizzly by Fawnskin’s finest has realtors and many business people up in arms. Rumor is that they are trying to dictate what the paper can and can’t include. There are also rumbles of legal action. Things that make you go hmmm…

The birds have been bossing me around during the storm and powered through the feeder 3x so far. Funny, since they have not touched it in over three months! They were appearing on my windowsill and bugged me until I tromped out there to feed the avian clans. Many were flittering around during the worst of the storm. They must have been super hungry.

Okay, gotta go see a couple of doggie delinquents before finishing the manuscript finals.

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